A Russian tourist in Turkey checked into a hotel full of Poles, and realized that the Russians had nothing to do here

A Russian tourist in Turkey checked into a hotel full of Poles and realized that Russians had nothing to do here

“A respectable hotel for bored German pensioners turned into a shack, where the smoke was a rocker from morning until late at night,” this is how a Russian tourist described a hotel in the resort of Alanya (Turkey), packed with Poles, and realized that her compatriots had nothing to do there. The hotel administration supported the violent Europeans.

A Russian tourist was vacationing in the four-star Cleopatra Atlas Hotel, located on a quiet Seral Sokak street in Alanya, back in December 2022, her Yandex Zen channel said. The hotel, which consists of several buildings of different heights, serves guests on an all-inclusive basis. However, she did not like the rest. It was clarified that before this trip, the traveler was in the same Alanya hotel five years ago. During this time, much has changed, and not for the better, although reviews on a popular booking service spoke of cleanliness and other advantages. In reality, the tourist highly appreciated only the food and the air conditioner that worked properly for heat.

There were many more cons. Among them:

  1. Firstly, the quality and regularity of room cleaning. “The maids had to literally watch for them to change the towels and give out the water and bottles of shampoo/conditioner/shower gels put on the price list,” she was indignant.
  2. Secondly, the iron disappeared from the hotel . If five years ago, guests took it at the reception at no extra charge, now this equipment is not available in the hotel even for money.
  3. Thirdly, the “weak” Wi-Fi signal.“Although it covered the entire territory of the hotel, it “ran” well only in the lobby, while in the room it was possible to access the Internet either late at night or early in the morning,” the author shared.
  4. Fourthly, the hotel has become a haven for cats. “I love them, but in Cleopatra Atlas 4 * they are too much. Cat smell and hair are everywhere here – at the reception, in the restaurant, by the pool. Cats sleep peacefully in armchairs in the lobby, jump on the tables in the restaurant, drag food from plates, walk along the corridors and even slip into the rooms when you open the door to go out, ”the blogger criticized the establishment again.
  5. However, the main disadvantage, why the tourist decided to move to another hotel, turned out to be in another: the woman was embarrassed by the invasion of Polish vacationers, which began just a couple of days after her arrival. Every day the hotel was filled with a new batch of Poles, and after seven days the respectable quiet hotel “turned into a shaman”: the Europeans smoked and drank almost around the clock, behaved rather noisily. “Right in the morning they moved the tables, sat down at them with a company, and began to pay tribute to the green serpent. With songs, dances, showdowns among themselves and long noisy wires to each other's rooms. The hotel administration encouraged this (and I, in principle, understand them – the Poles generously paid tips and bought all imported alcohol in the bar), turned on louder music for them and arranged halay shows (folk dance in the Middle East) for them, ”the author explained .

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