A Russian tourist in Turkey reported on her attitude towards Russians and that Turks began to learn Polish at a Turkish resort

A Russian tourist in Turkey reported on her attitude towards Russians and that in Turkish resort Turks began to learn Polish

The popular Turkish resort of Alanya has faced a rush of tourist demand this winter. However, the main supplier of tourists has changed: if Scandinavians and Germans used to prefer winter holidays in the coastal region, now Poles have settled here. In this regard, the employees of the tourism sector hastily began to learn the Polish language. However, the Russians have not gone away from here either … The domestic traveler told about how the Poles and Russians coexist in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

During a visit to Alanya (Antalya province), the Russian woman personally made sure that there are many tourists in the city in winter. “There are a lot of them. So much so that there is a feeling that the season is in full swing. Hotels work 50/50. At the same time, as the locals say, those that closed at the end of October are now preparing to reopen – there is such a big demand this year for winter holidays in Alanya, she noted. “The main contingent of vacationers are Poles, which is somewhat unusual for this region, earlier, Scandinavians and Germans mainly flew to Alanya for vacation.”

The Turks quickly adjust to the new reality: they introduce Polish dishes into the menu, and workers in the tourism sector learn the Polish language, “because these comrades, in principle, do not want to speak anything else, even if they speak foreign languages.”

How can one assess the neighborhood of Poles and Russians in Turkey? According to a compatriot, Russian is spoken in the resort region. “I have not yet noticed sidelong glances and unpleasant whispers behind my back – neither from local residents, nor from tourists from other countries. Everyone is relaxed, positive and kind to each other. As for the Turks, they seem to be so happy with the Russians that you can even find “Russian” products in local supermarkets,” this is how the traveler answered the question of whether the attitude towards Russians has changed after the events of February 24.

At the same time, the author noted that it is unusually warm in Alanya for this time of year. During the day, the air temperature warms up to + 20-22 ° C, while the sun shines and warms, and in the evening it drops a little to a comfortable + 15-17 ° C. At times, clouds descend from the mountains, which cover the city with a veil of rain, then the air cools down a bit.

The traveler compared the prices offered by tourist sites in pre-Covid 2019 with the current ones, and was extremely surprised. “A ticket to the museum cost 18 lire (63 rubles), now it’s 65 (225 rubles), a round-trip ride on the cable car is 27 liras (94 rubles), now it’s 100 (346 rubles), and on sale in LC Waikiki could buy jeans for 20 liras (70 rubles), now – 200 (693 rubles) and T-shirts for 6-10 liras (21-34 rubles), now – 60-100 (210-346 rubles). In the first two days of her vacation, she looked at the price tags with slightly rounded eyes. Then I started converting prices into rubles (today they give 3.4 rubles for 1 lira), and everything turned out to be not so scary – prices, in principle, are comparable to Russian ones, although slightly higher than those that were three years ago, ”she said.< /p>

In winter, as in the peak season, the Turks make money from travelers who are looking for ways to have fun. Museums, a cable car, excursions, including sea ones, are open to everyone. The beaches are equipped with sun loungers, sports grounds, beach bars and restaurants.

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