A Russian tourist in Turkey was very surprised to find out why Turkish women do not want to marry Turks

A Russian tourist in Turkey was very surprised to find out why Turkish women do not want to marry Turks

Modern Turkish women do not seek to marry Turks, because they are confused by four unpleasant facts about them at once. A Russian tourist was surprised to learn about this and told in her Yandex.Zen channel.

The compatriot explained that Turkish women present a whole list of requirements to their potential chosen ones, and each item from the list must be satisfied. “As it turned out, such a serious approach is not ladies' whims. Pickiness in choosing a partner is due to the peculiarities of the mentality and lifestyle of Turkish men, ”the Russian woman said and listed four of the most unpleasant of them.

First, the infantilism of a man. This is the first thing that Turkish beauties pay attention to. According to the Russian woman, Turks “by their nature, Turks are fatalists, and they believe only in fate,” but not in their own strength, and for Turkish women, this quality seems akin to infantilism. In addition, the latter are extremely embarrassed by the unhealthy excitement of local men: they all like to try their luck, so they often get involved in various adventures, gambling, disputes, bets, etc., where they can “squander” all their money and leave the family without funds to existence.

Secondly, said – does not mean done. Here is a quote from a tourist: “The Turks are well versed in the skills of seducing women and know how to find an approach to them. Men in Turkey are always courteous and attentive, they do not skimp on compliments and warm emotions, but that's all there is to it. They can say pleasant words, “hang noodles on their ears,” and after beautiful speeches, no deeds will follow. Therefore, girls are attentive to the opposite sex, they, of course, love with their ears, but they pay much more attention to deeds and material things.

Thirdly, excessive self-care for loved ones. According to Russian women, many Turkish men are handsome, and “women, on the contrary, are ugly,” but it turns out that everyone is scrupulous in caring for their appearance. Only the means used for this differ. So, the representatives of the weaker sex resort to bright cosmetics on their faces and an abundance of gold jewelry, and men pay attention to their hair: styling, cutting their beards, as well as a snow-white smile and choosing a perfume.

“Turkish women are very temperamental women and jealous, therefore they do not approve of excessive obsession with themselves and their appearance in men. Moreover, in the future, such behavior by a husband can damage the family budget. Wives in Turkey believe that the focus should be exclusively on their person, ”the Russian woman explained.

Fourthly, for Turkish men, the first place is not the wife, but the mother. Not all Turkish beauties are ready to endure such competition all their lives. Moreover, the mother-in-law will not always be loyal to her daughter-in-law, she added.
may not anger companions who strive to be more important. Therefore, when meeting a man, they carefully monitor his relationship with his mother: there should be respect, friendship, but the future family and wife should be a priority,” the traveler drew attention.

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