A Russian tourist met a Latvian woman in Malaysia and was shocked by her reaction to the Russians

A Russian tourist met a Latvian woman in Malaysia and was shocked by her reaction to Russians

“I won’t be surprised by anything now, and I’m waiting for a bad reaction to the Russians. The time is now,” said the Russian traveler, when she began a story about a meeting with a Latvian in Malaysia. She shared the details of her shocking reaction in her personal Yandex.Zen channel.

According to the blogger, in Kuala Lumpur she stopped to live with a family from Latvia, where the hostess turned out to be Russian-speaking. The traveler worried in vain about how they would treat her as a representative of the Russian nation, since the Latvian found the times of life in the SSR, when everyone lived together. “Latvian Eva turned out to be our fan! He loves Soviet films, music, our performers, clothing style, products. So the Russian language likes to use in speech. She also has a beautiful accent. True, her children no longer speak Russian. Although the eldest daughter was born in Latvia, she only knows Latvian, English, and she graduated from a Chinese school in Malaysia, so she is also fluent in Chinese. Now she is studying at an institute in Denmark, learning another language. My son was born already in Malaysia, and he only knows English and local languages, Latvian is given to him with great difficulty. He continues to go to a Malay school,” the traveler told the whole story of family relationships with languages.

She noted that the mistress of the house is nostalgic for her childhood, her mother's kitchen and the USSR. Latvian's favorite dish is meatballs, mashed potatoes and Olivier salad. However, there is no one to cook them, the Latvian mother lives in her homeland and she is 85 years old, “receives a good pension (more than 100,000 rubles, if in terms of ours), does not need anything, and even meets a young man who lives at her expense “. This situation suits her, because she is no longer able to move to Malaysia to her daughter and grandchildren, but she can still afford to live with a young man, the author added.

To get a taste of the Soviet past, the tourist prepared dinner for the family: stewed potatoes with chicken and vegetables, fried eggplant with mayonnaise sauce and pickles. As the traveler found out, Latvians are delighted with pickled tomatoes and cucumbers.

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