A Russian tourist packed his luggage at Istanbul airport and realized which currency is more profitable to pay

A Russian tourist packed his luggage at Istanbul airport and realized which currency is more profitable to pay

The film business is flourishing not only in Russia's Sheremetyevo, but also in the Turkish weekend city of Istanbul. “The largest city in Turkey is not inferior to the capital of Russia in terms of minimal tariffs. But there is a significant difference – they still don’t greet here, like in Sheremetyevo, ”a domestic traveler published such a comparison of price tags for wrapping luggage in two air harbors in a blog on Yandex.Zen and noted that in Turkey it is more profitable to pay for this service in Lira.

The tourist went to Istanbul's second airport, Sabiha Gokcen, located on the Asian half of the city. According to him, there was no hype at the luggage packing counter, but passengers periodically came up, so the film business is not idle.

The author drew attention to the fact that the tariff line consists of one category “standard”, and not like in Moscow Sheremetyevo, where tariffs differ in the number of wrapping layers and, accordingly, in prices. In addition, the Istanbul airport established payment for a single standard fare in different currencies – 200 Turkish liras, $ 11 or 10 euros. “What you have in your pocket or on a card is what you can pay for,” he added. If we translate into rubles, we get the following picture: 200 lira is 807 rubles. at the current rate, $11 – 843 rubles, 10 euros – 814 rubles. “It turns out that the price tag in lira for a Russian is the lowest,” the author considered and added that when transferring money through the “Golden Crown” system, the winding will cost itself even cheaper. At the same time, the situation for locals is the same as for Russians – it is also more profitable for them to pay in lira.

Comparing the cost of the service offered in the capital's Sheremetyevo at the end of 2022, the blogger noted that the minimum tariff in Moscow was comparable to that in Istanbul – about 800 rubles. But at the same time, the service assumed a modest single-layer wrapping with a film, which, in fact, would not even protect the suitcase from being opened or damaged. A double layer cost 1,550 rubles, and the most expensive one with the paradoxical name “Economic +” cost 1,980 rubles. Such super-protection, as the tourist noted, “supposedly guarantees the safety of the suitcase almost even if the Boeing-747 passes through it with all its wheels twice.” “Well, as a bonus, a separate charm is a knife as a gift,” he said.

“And it is this natural wiring, in fact, that irritates. God bless him that the base rate is several times higher than the real cost of the film, the work of the packaging machine and the peasant who manages it. Here you can still understand – the airport, expensive rent, all the cases. But what really something to be impudent. The “Economic +” tariff is almost 2,000 rubles,” the traveler was indignant.

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