A Russian tourist realized for himself why Russians are considered crazy by Australians

A Russian tourist has learned firsthand why Russians are considered crazy by Australians

There are many unusual things in Australia: from stunning nature to kangaroos looking into the city or on the plot near the house. But no less surprising are the people living in this country and the peculiarities of their mentality. However, Australians sometimes consider Russians crazy. A Russian tourist told in his Zen channel why.

The Russian was struck by several facts about Australians. Firstly, they do not remove or change street shoes at home. A person can walk along the road, the dirt on the farm, the shops, and then calmly walk in the same shoes to the kitchen or bedroom. The Russian admits that he cannot understand and accept such a habit in any way, therefore, after the street, he and his girlfriend always change their shoes into homemade slates. Australians look at them like crazy Russians because of this. Russians consider themselves exemplary guests.

Secondly, Australians hardly smoke. And this is not surprising, because the cheapest pack of cigarettes in the country costs 1,800 rubles. People do not want to spend such amounts, so they simply do not start smoking. It is extremely rare to see a person with a cigarette on the street and in public places. And all the familiar Australians of a Russian tourist are completely against smoking.

Thirdly, Australians always greet everyone, including strangers. In the store, on a walk around the city – everywhere you will be greeted by a random girl, grandfather or even a child. A Russian is accustomed to this in Asia, but did not expect to see it in Australia.

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