A Russian tourist refuted the opinions of many Russians that it is impossible to live comfortably in Thailand on 30,000 rubles a month

A Russian tourist refuted the opinions of many Russians that one cannot live comfortably in Thailand for 30 000 rubles per month

Despite numerous articles by Russian long-term tourists and migrants about the high cost of living in Thailand, which, as a rule, according to their estimates, ranges from 100 thousand rubles. per month, another professional traveler expressed his opinion in Yandex.Zen, who refuted such figures, saying that 30 thousand rubles a month would be enough for a comfortable life in this popular tropical country.

As the tourist noted in his blog, the figure did not appear out of thin air, it was his personal experience of living in the resort town of Pattaya. “Of course, the expenses and needs of each person are different, but if you do not delve into this, then the most important thing is to be full and have a roof over your head. And the sea. sun, beaches and good positive mood in Thailand for free. I open my cards to all non-believers at prices in Thailand,” he said.

The traveler said that he was renting housing for 12 thousand rubles. per month. The photo shows a room resembling a hotel room: two windows, a small balcony, a double bed, a table, chairs, a TV. At the same time, the author assured that “you can find housing even cheaper – for 8.5 thousand rubles. per month”, however, it will not be located in the central part of the resort town.

As for the cost of food, his daily spending in a cafe is no more than 500 rubles. in a day. For example, a traveler has several photos of dishes: Pad Thai with seafood – 160 rubles, fried rice with seafood – 160 rubles, soup with seafood with a volume of 700 ml – 160 rubles, freshly squeezed pineapple juice without ice – 80 rubles, water – 15 rubles . “You can eat one such dish in full at lunch,” he shared and assured that you can eat even cheaper in the so-called macarons. There, prices for full meals with rice or noodles start at 80 rubles. Another one for budget independent tourists is a food court in a shopping center, the cost of lunch there is about 130 rubles.

“For housing and food in Thailand for a month, you can easily meet 25 thousand rubles. and there is still some money left for ice cream, beer, electricity and water in the hotel. And the sea and beaches are a gift and go to everything for free, ”the compatriot concluded and noted that such a life is suitable if you come to the tropics for one to two months. In addition, the author believes that during his stay in the country in an Asian country, it will be possible to improve his health. Healthy food, such as fruits and seafood, will play a special role in this. “Personally, in 2 months in Thailand, I lost 3.5 kg on high-quality food, which is completely inaccessible in Russia, and if available, it costs completely different money,” the tourist spoke about his experience.

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