A Russian tourist reported how they are taking revenge in Thailand: she was abandoned on a wild island right before flying to Russia

A Russian tourist told how they are taking revenge in Thailand: she was abandoned on a wild island right before the flight to Russia

“Forgetting” tourists on a tiny wild island is not sloppiness or an accident, it is a well-thought-out revenge on the part of the Thais, who failed to cash in on the tourist. This is how a tourist commented to a TURPROM correspondent on a recently published material about Russians “forgotten” on the island, who had also previously found herself in a similar terrible situation in Pattaya. In her case, the matter was further complicated by the fact that she was abandoned on a remote island just before her flight to Russia, and if it were not for the help of her compatriots, she would have simply missed the plane, having got a lot of money.

Recall that in a recent publication of the TURPROM infogroup, it was reported that a family of six Russian tourists – four adults and two children – accused a travel company in Thailand that its employee left them alone on a tiny island. Tourists rented a speedboat to get to the resort island of Koh Sak. The driver dropped the family at 11:00 am and was supposed to pick it up at 5:00 pm. However, he did not return to the agreed meeting place either at 17:00 pm or later. After sunset, the travelers began to panic. Fortunately, a local resident of the island saw them and called the tourist police, who arrived on the island around 20:00 pm along with marine lifeguards. The authorities returned the released family back to Pattaya. Read the details in this TURPROM article.

The Pattaya police, by the way, admitted that the case “was not unprecedented.” The story of a tourist who contacted the editors of Turprom suggests that this is a completely harmonious system in which a tourist who does not allow local baryks to earn money on himself receives just such an unpleasant “surprise” from them. “I had a similar story in Pattaya. In the morning I paid from the hotel for a trip to the island, to a beautiful beach. But I wanted to dive and swim with fins and a mask next to the beach (where it is completely sand), where you can see fish and sea urchins. And I didn’t take an umbrella and a sun lounger on the official beach of the island … As a result, they took revenge – a small boat, which should return me to the hotel, left an hour earlier, ”the tourist told the correspondent of the TURPROM infogroup.

The situation is not as simple as it might seem, the victim added. Despite the fact that the islands can hardly be called uninhabited and tourist boats arrive there often, getting out on someone else's boat is not so easy. “I was in shock: I have a plane in the morning. As a result, I got into a big boat to the ferry. And there, a secret attacked me because of the lack of a ticket. But I don’t have any money… I paid for everything at the hotel. Light. Passengers helped, handed over someone's ticket. Then I got to the hotel on a motorcycle. There I paid. I managed to catch the plane,” the tourist told her misadventures.

So the victims warn Russian travelers: do not relax on vacation and trust the “land of smiles” too much – surprises can be very unpleasant. And, if you are not ready to spend as much money on the paradise islands as the Thais plan to shake off from you, it is better to be careful and prepare for the unexpected.

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