A Russian tourist settled in Egypt and revealed all the disadvantages of local all-inclusive hotels

The main disadvantages of popular Egyptian all-inclusive hotels were presented on her Yandex.Zen channel by a blogger, a professional traveler who settled in Egypt. She listed all the disadvantages that she noted during her all-inclusive vacation in Egypt in 2023.

As the blogger separately emphasized, the focus of her attention was not on the “luxury” Rixos, but on popular 4 * and 5*, “which most Russians go to.”

In most hotels, the tourist noted five main drawbacks:

  1. Powdered juice. According to the tourist, most all-inclusive hotels offer “so-called juice” as drinks, which is usually bottled in huge plastic containers and “painted in frighteningly bright colors.” This liquid tastes like “yuppie”, and, according to the tourist, “if you pour this liquid into a cardboard cup, it will color it.” Only 5 * hotels and good “fours” offer juice from cardboard boxes instead of this liquid – but even there, bars and the main restaurant cannot do without this liquid. “This is strange, because juice is very cheap in Egypt (I saw it myself in supermarkets). Why skimp on what kids love to drink?” the blogger asks.
  2. Problems with Wi-Fi. Even in expensive hotels where Wi-Fi is available even in the rooms, it is usually very slow. “In addition, often in hotels only surfing in social networks is allowed (downloading or uploading something will not work),” the blogger adds. At the same time, the situation is even worse in 4 * hotels and budget “fives”: the Internet is available only at the reception, and since “many people want to sit in it in the evenings,” according to the blogger, “the speed drops so much that even the messenger is difficult to open.” At the same time, as the blogger warns, in some hotels it is even impossible to buy comfortable “Internet in the room” for a fee.
  3. Paid hammam and other spa services. “In Turkey, I got used to the fact that hotels are really “all inclusive”. Including use of the hammam and sauna. For money – only massage and spa treatments. Even in budget 4* hotels. And in Egypt, you have to pay for the entrance to the hammam in five-star resorts, ”the tourist explained.
  4. There are no clothes dryers. This useful for a tourist who needs to dry at least a swimsuit, the tourist did not find on the balconies of either 4 * hotels, or in not the most budgetary “five”. “We have to lay things out on chairs. And if this is not a problem in the rooms on the sunny side, then in the shade my swimwear and dresses dried for a very long time, ”the blogger explains and even asks commentators if they have seen dryers in Egypt and how they dried things.
  5. < li> Problems with a dinner at departure. “I was very surprised that many hotels in Egypt prescribe a rule in the concept that tourists are not allowed to have lunch on the last day of their stay. They handed over the keys to the room – please return the bracelet and stop eating, ”said the tourist. According to her, this is allegedly explained by the fact that the restaurant may not have enough tables, since new tourists always arrive in place of those who leave. However, “not all hotels are so harsh,” she adds.

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