A Russian tourist spent a month in Australia and realized why it is worse than Russia

A Russian tourist spent a month in Australia and realized how worse it is than Russia

Due to its isolated geographical position, Australia supposedly exists according to its own separate rules about which few people know. A Russian tourist lived in this country for a month and told in his Zen channel how it is worse than Russia.

The Russian considers the first and main disadvantage of Australia to be its remoteness from the rest of the world. It is expensive and long to fly there, it is difficult to get a visa. “Australia ruined us, although we were in neighboring Indonesia. I’m afraid to imagine how much the ticket price will be if you start from Russia,” writes a Russian tourist.

The second drawback of the kangaroo continent is sudden temperature changes. Now winter is approaching in Australia, and during the day it is + 28 ° С, but at night the marks on the thermometer drop to + 8 ° С. To an unaccustomed person, such contrasts seem wild. During the day, people wear T-shirts and shorts, but by night they need jackets, hats and mittens.

Australia's third minus compared to Russia is the lack of central heating in homes. In winter, in the evenings, it is uncomfortable to be in the apartment, you have to dress and put on shoes. So in Australia they came up with the famous uggs – to wear at home.

But most of all in Australia, the Russians did not like the inaccessibility of traveling around the country. Tickets for trains and buses are very expensive, car rental – from 3,000 rubles per day or 65,000 rubles per month, not counting gasoline at 100 rubles per liter. As a result, the only option for budget travelers is hitchhiking. And even that is overshadowed by prices in hotels, which start at $ 100 or almost 8,000 rubles for a room with a shared toilet and shower. It turns out that budget travelers are not welcome in Australia.

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