A Russian tourist told how she was looking for a toilet behind stones on an excursion in Egypt

A Russian tourist told how she was looking for a toilet behind stones on an excursion in Egypt

On an excursion to the White Desert of Egypt, a Russian tourist encountered with the problem of the lack of equipped toilets and, on the advice of a guide, wandered in search of a suitable stone to retire. She shared her story on the pages of the channel in Yandex.Zen.

This is a small area in the east of the Sahara Desert, located 500 km from Cairo and known for its surreal rock formations. Here the Egyptians take travelers on an overnight tour. “The desert is unusual and beautiful! She is white, pink, pale blue in the rays of the rising sun, mysterious and strange in the light of the moon. You will spend the night there in a tent, walk barefoot on the sand and admire, admire, admire,” the author remarked with admiration.

However, the tourist saw a delicate problem in the uniqueness of the protected area – the desert turned out to be too “desert” for civilized visitors. “As the anti-aircraft gunners said in one famous film: “There are no bushes nearby!” That is, it is quite difficult to satisfy absolutely natural human needs to go to the toilet here,” she warned.

The guide, who was supposed to have a dry closet with him, but was silent about it like a partisan, after listening to the problem, pointed out the stones to the traveler. However, “play hide and seek” did not work, because. everywhere there were tourist camps of the same travelers. “In general, I had to take a good walk around the neighborhood, meeting the same sufferers before I managed to find a small dune knee-high,” the author shared. – So if you go on this tour, then be prepared for such “adventures”. This is not all inclusive! But trust me, it's worth it! You will have impressions of the unearthly beauty of the desert for a lifetime!”

Help: Experts compare the White Desert with the Dry Valleys located in Antarctica. It is believed that on the site of this now lifeless area in Egypt, once upon a time there was an ocean floor. The water has gone, but the white sand and karst limestone formations remain. It was they who formed the figures of bizarre shapes and the incredible beauty of landscapes. Honest guides advise to come there between October and March, claiming that this is the best time to go.

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