A Russian tourist told how you can spend the winter in Thailand for 90 days with the allowed 45

A Russian tourist told how you can spend the winter in Thailand for 90 days with the allowed 45

90 days instead of the officially allowed 45, those. for 3 whole months you can spend the winter in Thailand without interference. To do this, a Russian tourist, on the pages of his blog on Yandex.Zen, called for the use of the classic “border run” service, which is provided by all travel agencies in Thailand. However, it is better to use it only in two Thai cities.

When a traveler enters the kingdom with a visa-free stamp in his passport, he is given 45 days of legal stay in the country. Previously, there were only 30. But the period of stay in Thailand can be extended. For this, there is a procedure called “border wound” – from the English. Border run, which in Russian means “run to the border” for a new stamp. The author of the article used the synonym “visaran”, which translates as “running away for a visa”, however, in the case of “winterers” in Thailand, it is the tourist slang combination “border run” that more accurately conveys the meaning of the procedure.

Recall that between Thailand and the Russian Federation there is an agreement on a visa-free regime for tourists. Therefore, our fellow citizens have the right to enter the territory of a tropical country without a pre-arranged visa.

“A run visa to Thailand is a short trip from Thailand to a neighboring country. Such a trip allows the tourist to receive a new entry stamp, which will give him the right to return to Thailand and stay there legally. It is best to do this in cities such as Pattaya or Bangkok. For rather modest money, you will go on a one-day trip to the border of Cambodia. You don’t even need to visit Cambodia itself, they will collect your passports and put a Cambodian visa in your passport,” the traveler explained. This allows you to “reset” the period of stay in the kingdom – after entering from a neighboring country and receiving a new stamp, there are 45 more days to rest and stay in the country.

As previously noted by experts in the field of tourism until 2014, “winterers” used an infinite visa extension. But after another military coup, the government took care of hundreds of thousands of foreign citizens who enter the country on a visa-free basis and live there for years without being legalized. For this reason, the authorities banned this practice, and then the ban was lifted. At the same time, experienced travelers urge to use the services of travel agencies in order to certainly extend the possibility of a legal stay in the country.

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