A Russian tourist unexpectedly learned how to distinguish overweight Americans from overweight Europeans at a glance

A Russian tourist unexpectedly learned how to distinguish fat Americans from fat Europeans with one glance

Not all fullness is the same. As it turned out, just one look is enough for American doctors to easily determine who is in front of them by their appearance alone: ​​full Americans or full Europeans. A Russian tourist shared an unexpected discovery on the pages of his personal blog in Yandex.Zen.

The compatriot learned that doctors understand how and from what fullness is formed. This is precisely the key difference between Europeans and Americans. “The point is in which parts of the body accumulate excess fat. In short, an American doctor said this: “Europeans have fat in front of their knees, and Americans have fat behind their knees.” In other words, in Americans, accumulation is concentrated more in the back of the body: the hips behind, the “fifth point”, calves, back. And the Europeans have the stomach, the front of the thighs, arms, neck,” he explained.

The reason for different types of obesity lies in food. “Europeans gain weight from fatty and smoked foods, beer, yeasty breads, and meat, and to a lesser extent from sweets. And the Americans are primarily from an excess of sugar, ”he added and said that he had made a gastronomic observation as part of his tour of the United States. According to him, in America a large number of products contain hidden sugar, but in Europe they do not. “Even in french fries and sauces for them, some burger buns, etc. Well, besides, desserts and pastries here are much sweeter than in Europe,” the traveler concluded.

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