A Russian tourist was shocked to see women washing up on the street in a popular country

Russian tourist was shocked to see women washing on the street in a popular country

The “real color” of India continues to impress a Russian tourist who tells about the non-tourist life of this popular country in Yandex.Zen. This time, the blogger said that she was shocked to see women washing themselves right on the street in a popular country. The fact that men easily use the shower from street taps did not surprise her so much, but new discoveries awaited her further.

“It was in Calcutta. You just have to wander into a quieter street. There are wells in a row where a bunch of Indians bathe. People gather in a small group and wait for each other. One is washing, the other is washing off the foam, the third is brushing his teeth, ”she said. But to her surprise, the tourist saw that such “bathing procedures” were not only for the “stronger sex”. “I walked a little further and immediately saw women. It turns out that they also bathe safely in such a public well. There are no men in their bunch, only Indian women. And the fact that they do it in the middle of the street, and men and children still pass by – it doesn’t bother them, ”said the tourist. At the same time, she noted that in this way Indian women wash only their heads and “those parts of the body that are open from under the sari.”

For a European tourist, on the one hand, such a spectacle, of course, is shocking. “Honestly, it even becomes uncomfortable when you see people swimming in the street. I want to go somewhere and not interfere, ”she notes. In addition, according to the blogger, it is obvious that the reason is simple – there is no water in the dwellings of the Indians, so they are forced to go to street wells to wash themselves, as well as to wash and collect water for cooking. Although this also has a “local flavor”, the blogger adds.

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