A Russian tourist was surprised to learn about 4 American traditions that in Russia are taken as their own.

A Russian tourist was surprised to learn about 4 American traditions, which in Russia are taken as their

Four American traditions, which are allegedly borrowed in Russia from the United States, and so firmly that they are taken for their own, were “discovered” by a Russian tourist blogger and reported on them on her Yandex.Zen channel. True, in the comments of her “enlightenment activities” readers were very surprised.

“While talking with my American friend and exchanging views on this issue, I learned a lot of new and interesting facts: it turns out that in Russia there are traditions that came to us from the United States, but have taken root so much that we take them for our own,” she said. tourist.

So, what are these traditions:

  1. To arrange a bachelorette party before the wedding: this tradition, the blogger is sure, “we have successfully adopted from the Americans,” and its meaning is “to say goodbye to a bachelor life before marriage.” The blogger also said that “before we followed the example of the Americans, Russian girls married innocent, so there was no question of any wild celebrations preceding the wedding.”
  2. The second tradition is also associated with wedding is throwing the bride's bouquet. “The newly-made wife throws a bouquet to her single friends – whoever catches them, the next one will get married. The custom has taken root in Russian society so much that it seems primordially Russian. Did you know that we learned this from the Americans?” the blogger asks.
  3. The third “long-borrowed” tradition is the baby shower, the tourist even had to explain that this is “a fashion trend that we once successfully peeped from the inhabitants of the United States – this is to throw a party for the expectant mother (that is, a pregnant woman) and celebrate the birth of an unborn child “. She is sure that in Russia this holiday “became popular under the influence of American culture”, and “many people accept it as a national feature and pass it on to younger generations.” She is also sure that the “gender party” is just as popular – a party in honor of determining the sex of the unborn child. “All this is not ours, because we Russians believe too much in omens, we are afraid of the evil eye, where does such an Americanization of society come from?” – the blogger marvels after that.
  4. Celebrating Mother's Day – this tradition, according to the blogger, was also started by the Americans, “which set an example for the whole world.” “True, if in Russia this holiday was introduced to support the traditions of a caring attitude towards a woman, to consolidate family values, to celebrate the special importance of a mother in our life as the main person, then in the USA the idea was a little different – an American suggested such a day in honor of the memory of my mother,” the blogger reports and adds that, in her opinion, “the tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day is one of the best that we adopted from the Americans.”

In the comments, however, the “enlightener” clarified that at least the bachelorette party is a tradition that existed on the territory of Russia, probably a little earlier than the time when the United States “was born.” True, he really was not connected with a special revelry. The tradition of throwing wreaths at a wedding first, then bouquets, is also not American, but European, so it is not known exactly where we borrowed it from. As for the “baby shower” and “gender party”, they are obviously widely popular in some very narrow Russian circles, and most of them hear this name for the first time. “We traditionally celebrated Mother’s Day on March 8,” commentators add.

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