A Russian tourist went to a supermarket in America and was surprised when he could not buy half a liter of milk

A Russian tourist went to a supermarket in America and was surprised when he couldn't buy half a liters of milk

During a trip to the United States, a Russian tourist stumbled upon another amazing feature of local life: you can’t buy half a liter or even a liter of milk, one liter of juice, a jar of fresh yogurt and other products in a supermarket. Of course, they are, but you can buy them only in small wholesale.

“All milk on store shelves, juices, drinks, etc. are sold in gallon packages. And this, for a second, is 3.7 liters. That is, like it or not, but buy a lot at once! And it doesn’t matter that some of the milk may then go bad,” the traveler was surprised at the sales conditions on the pages of his channel on Yandex.Zen.

Cola is also presented on the shelves in half-liter bottles in a pack of six such pieces. According to a compatriot, it is forbidden to pull out one. “There are one by one near the cash register. But the price tag is about 2 bucks (more than 120 rubles) for one. Therefore, no one buys them, only in packs. The same applies, for example, to yogurts,” he added. As for minced meat, the Americans here also think and sell on a grand scale – in a tube weighing 4.5 kg, while this is still a small caliber.

The thing is that convenience stores are not common in the USA, as in Russia, for example. All retail outlets, as a rule, are located centrally in the shopping center or on the plazas. That is why in residential areas it is impossible to leave the house for a loaf of bread or a bottle of milk. Americans go to the grocery store about once a week and stock up on packs, gallons, and pallets. You can't do without a car and a spacious refrigerator.

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