A Russian tourist who is penniless in the UAE was sent to Russia by buying tickets and wearing a T-shirt with a portrait of a sheikh

A Russian tourist in distress without money in the UAE was sent to Russia, having bought tickets and put on T-shirt with a portrait of the Sheikh

A Russian tourist found himself stranded in the UAE when he ran out of money during a bike tour. The Sharjah police helped the man: the generous authorities gave him a T-shirt with a portrait of the sheikh and bought a plane ticket. Thanks to them, he did not end up in prison, but was able to return to his homeland. Gulfnews reported the incident.

A police patrol spotted a man sitting on the grass under a bridge leading to the entrance to Sharjah International Airport. The tourist did not look well and showed obvious signs of fatigue and exhaustion. After an investigation, it was determined that he arrived from Russia in April last year as a cyclist, but ran into financial problems. For some unknown reason, he did not report his lack of money to the authorities, and survived as best he could.

The Sharjah police did not blame the traveler for anything, but simply decided to help. He was paid for a hotel room, issued a plane ticket and was given the necessary advice. Law enforcement officers escorted the traveler to Sharjah airport, and the tourist calmly boarded a flight to Russia. The traveler was pleasantly surprised by such a kind attitude towards himself. He thanked the emirate's police for their support, care and assistance. “This country amazes me because most of its inhabitants are happy and help others to become happy. I noticed the diversity of nationalities and foreign communities in Sharjah and other emirates, and among them there is no concept of racism. This is a beautiful and rare occurrence. I love the UAE,” he commented.

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