A Russian tourist who visited Georgia listed the habits of Georgians that annoy Russians

A Russian tourist who visited Georgia listed the habits of Georgians that annoy Russians

near abroad. So, a Russian tourist who traveled around Georgia named in his blog on Yandex.zen five habits of Georgians that annoy Russians. Mostly it is “relaxation” in its various forms – but in total he counted five such habits. So:

  1. Rapid rapprochement and an abundance of compliments: Georgians very quickly “sweep away personal boundaries and distances,” the blogger assures. At least among peers, or if the person isn't noticeably older, it's perfectly normal to address a stranger directly as you, or even “as a close friend,” he assures. “Georgians are generally temperamental people, so you should not be embarrassed. Almost every Georgian loves to communicate very much, and to do it very lively, with expression,” he added. In its own way, an annoying moment can be for the fair sex – they “even if they are busy, should be ready for an abundance of compliments addressed to them,” the blogger literally writes. It's just a way of communicating, he adds.
  2. Too relaxed: the first thing the blogger calls here is that Georgians are “not used to taking off their shoes at a party”. “It kind of reminds me of the Americans, to me,” he adds. Given the fact that cleanliness and order are valued in the house, and there is a tangible problem with “shampooed streets” in Georgia, most likely “the householder or hostess will have to wash the floors after gatherings.” “Such a habit will definitely not take root in Russia, and this is good,” he adds.
  3. Not punctual: this is another consequence of the above relaxation. “Georgians are not accustomed to tense up, so this is reflected in punctuality. Do not be offended if the guests arrived a little later than the appointed time, this is not a bad form, but quite normal behavior. In principle, people in Georgia are late everywhere, even a taxi goes a little slower, knowing that the client will still be a little late,” the blogger explains.
  4. needs,” says the blogger. “Georgians are used to heating food on the stove or in an oven, but I can’t remember the last time I had to heat food like this,” he explains. Georgia has not yet arrived. Bags are taken here not only in the case when they have collected a lot of products. “Anything that can be wrapped in cellophane will be wrapped, no doubt,” the blogger notes.

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