A Russian who arrived in Thailand in December was horrified to realize that his expenses increased by 23% in a month

A Russian who arrived in Thailand in December was horrified to realize that his expenses had increased by 23%

A Russian traveler arrived in Thailand in December and a month later stated that his expenses during this time increased by almost a quarter, or rather by 23%. The tourist expects the remaining two months of wintering with horror. He shared his impressions in a blog on Yandex.Zen.

According to him, back in early December 2022, $1 cost 60 rubles, while in the first days of January 2023, the American currency rose in price above 73.5 rubles. “In less than a month, my spending in Thailand increased by 23%. Such a difference in the exchange rate occurred in less than a month. And I have to live in Thailand for another 2 months. Everything has gone up in price. Each time I withdraw money from the card and convert the received baht into rubles, I watch with horror that the bank writes off more and more rubles from the account for the same amount. The last amount withdrawn from the card cost me at a not very favorable rate: 1 baht = 2.15 rubles,” the blogger complained.

As confirmation, the man cited his own “index of Thai tom yum soup”: “If we translate the cost of tom yum soup, beloved and famous in Thailand, at the rate of about 100 baht for soup, then in early December I bought it for 178 rubles, and less than a month later I buy it for 215 rubles.”

The author drew attention to the fact that at present everything is relatively stable in Thailand, including the economy. The problem of his increasing spending is the “rapidly” depreciating ruble. Again, a month ago, if you bring money to Thailand in the amount of 100,000 rubles and exchange it for local currency in early January, then the total amount would be only 75,000 rubles, and 25,000 rubles. “I ate the difference in the exchange rate, if even simpler, then 25,000 rubles just got better.”

To avoid poverty, the tourist advised colleagues traveling to a tropical country not to take rubles, but cash in the form of dollars or Euro. In this case, stability and confidence are expected in the coming days, he assured. “While the ruble exchange rate is “sausage”, I still travel steadily around Thailand,” the author specified.

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