A Russian woman counted Egyptian prices in a supermarket into rubles and thought

A Russian woman recalculated Egyptian prices in a supermarket into rubles and thought

A Russian woman living for permanent residence in Egypt translated the real prices for “traveling” products and goods in Arab stores into rubles and thought about the benefits for our fellow citizens. She shared the details in her Yandex.Zen channel.

The tourist analyzed the exchange rate of the ruble against the Egyptian pound: if after the first Egyptian revolution the exchange rate of the ruble against the Egyptian currency fluctuated in a very wide range – from 3 to 10 rubles per 1 pound, then at present “the price is close to the minimum” – ” 3 rubles with a little.

During the analysis, the Russian woman noticed two things:

  1. Both currencies over the past 10 years have fallen markedly against the dollar, “which is predicted to die soon, but he is still the liveliest of all living things.
  2. Prices in stores have increased significantly.

In Russia, the main jump in prices occurred after the February events of 2022, and in Egypt, the price tags “creeped” only closer to summer, when the US currency once again updated its historical maximum. According to a compatriot, having recalculated the cost of goods in Egyptian stores from pounds to rubles, she realized that for Russian tourists, prices in the Red Sea resorts would seem low. “But for those who do not have the highest salary in Egyptian pounds, it must be hard,” she said.

Here are the prices in Egyptian stores at the rate indicated by the Russian woman 3.2, corresponding to the real exchange rate in Sharm el-Sheikh in mid-September 2022.

  1. Milk – 22-23 pounds per liter (about 70 rubles).
  2. White yogurt – 4 pounds (13 rubles), with fruit additives – 5.5 pounds (about 18 rubles).
  3. Cheese. Solid yellow varieties such as Rumi, Gouda – 120-160 pounds per kg (384-512 rubles). But there are also more expensive ones.
  4. Chicken. Chicken breast – 95 pounds per kg (304 rubles). Medium-sized carcass – 130-150 pounds (416-480 rubles).
  5. Beef – from 150 pounds (from 480 rubles).
  6. Mango – 30-40 pounds (96-128 rubles). By the way, how to choose ripe fruits in Egypt, read this link.
  7. Water – 0.6 liters – 3 pounds (9.6 rubles); 1.5 liters – 5 pounds (16 rubles); 19 liters – 50 pounds (160 rubles).
  8. Bread. Private bakeries sell 5 aish for 5 pounds (16 rubles). Large buns – 5 pounds apiece (16 rubles). In addition, there is social cheap bread.
  9. Fish and seafood. According to the Russian woman, in the country of the pyramids, this category of products is traditionally tasty and quite cheap. Ready-made servings of 2-3 types of fish, rice or 2 servings of pasta with seafood, which are enough for two days, cost an average of 250 pounds (800 rubles).
  10. Coffee. In a cafe, a portion of latte or cappuccino will cost 25-35 pounds (80-112 rubles). And in trendy tourist places like Soho, it can cost 50 pounds (160 rubles).
  11. Pizza in a cafe – from 100 pounds (about 320 rubles). “Although if you order delivery in popular areas, you can find it cheaper,” the author said.
  12. Electricity. This utility item has increased significantly in recent years. “Even if you live alone and do not abuse the air conditioner, you will get at least 700 pounds (2,240 rubles). And if it’s a family, then it can be 2,500 (8,000 rubles) and more, ”the blogger added.
  13. Travel – from 3 pounds (9.6 rubles) to short distances and up to 10 pounds (32 rubles) – for long distances.
  14. Taxi – at least 20 pounds (64 rubles).
  15. Beaches< /strong>. Urban – 40-100 pounds (128-320 rubles). Tourists will pay more for recreation on equipped beaches at hotels.

The author added that currently the prices seem attractive to Russian travelers, but some time ago the price tags literally “bited” – and all because of fluctuations in the exchange rate. “Now in Egypt it is very difficult to buy dollars at the normal rate, but it is quite easy to buy pounds – there are many offers at 3.10-3.25.

The official dollar rate is about 19.2. But on the black market, dollars are already being bought at 20.5…. Apparently, they are waiting for the pound to continue to become cheaper,” the compatriot said and added that compared to the prices in Russia, the Egyptian ones do not seem so shocking. “Those who have income in rubles/dollars feel quite well financially. But for those who receive an average salary in Egyptian pounds, one can only sympathize – you won’t go far in Egypt with such income,” the compatriot concluded.

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