A Russian woman in Egypt explained why there are a lot of Egyptian vacationers in the hotels of Hurghada and Sharm all year round

A Russian woman in Egypt reported why there are a lot of Egyptian vacationers in the hotels of Hurghada and Sharm all year round

Egyptian locals are gradually changing their attitude towards recreation, and in the hotels of Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada they can be found more and more often. This was told in her blog on Yandex.Zen by a Russian woman, who told why the Egyptians are rarely seen in foreign resorts, how it is customary and customary for them to relax, and how they have changed their attitude towards “native” resorts.

“There is such a sad joke that the Egyptians and Turks have nowhere to rest. Everyone goes to them – but where do they go? – the blogger began her story. However, according to her, the very attitude to the rest of the majority of Egyptians, until recently, was different. According to the blogger, if it is customary to relax in Russia, and at least in Sochi, but many have visited, and even more Russians “save, earn extra money, squeeze into something in order to relax at least once a year at least in a budget hotel somewhere in Turkey or Egypt”, then among the Egyptians there are many people who have never been to the same Hurghada and Sharm, not to mention abroad. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, for many Egyptians, everything was simply expensive – at least until 2015, this is due to the “closure” of Egypt for the Russians, the resorts did not introduce big discounts for local tourists and the price tag for “their” tourists was sharply lowered – this, looking ahead, one of the main reasons for the mass appearance of the Egyptians in their resorts, named by the blogger. Secondly, it is simply not customary for many Egyptians to relax on the sea, including for religious reasons among especially traditional local residents.

“My husband told me that one day his brother Mohammed was flying home from KSA via Sharm. And then my husband was just working in Sharm. He organized housing for him and the next morning – a free excursion on the bathyscaphe (he knew that his brother would not swim, and wanted to at least show him the underwater world of the Red Sea). There Mohammed spent the night and immediately went home, refusing to tour. My husband then was very offended by him, ”says the blogger. At the same time, everything is not bad with the relative’s money, she assures.

“In general, it is customary (it is customary) to rest not for everyone, but for a certain category of the population. The rest can easily do without rest or choose the most budget option (a la here one day by bus to Alexandria and back). However, here, first of all, it is important how much it was customary for the family to relax. If accepted, they will look for money and opportunities. If not, then even if they have finances, they won’t go,” she says. At the same time, only a small percentage of Egyptians regularly rest abroad. These are mainly the UAE, Türkiye, and other eastern countries. “It seemed to me that the middle class here considered it a special chic to hit the road on vacation in the UAE. I know several people who have been to Turkey, one who has traveled to Spain…and, perhaps, that’s all,” she notes.

However, since 2015, when Russian tourists from Egypt disappeared, Egyptians have been among vacationers and even just on the street has become noticeably more. “Especially in Sharm – before, the Egyptian woman was almost impossible to find here during the day with fire. And now they live and come to rest much more often. There are especially many of them during religious holidays (in about 3 weeks Ramadan will end and many hotels will be 80-90 percent full of Egyptians – to the horror of all other tourists),” the blogger said. At the same time, she assures that the staff themselves are not happy with the dominance of “their” tourists. “But in times of a severe decline in tourism, they saved many hotels, allowing them to stay afloat when there were no or very few foreigners,” the blogger assures.

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