A Russian woman in Egypt told what gifts are better to give to a local Muslim, and which ones should be discarded

A Russian woman in Egypt told me which gifts are better to give to a local Muslim, and which ones should be discarded

An Egyptian Muslim should be given religious paraphernalia, but gold jewelry and objects depicting people or animals, alcohol and other similar souvenirs should be avoided. For many years, a Russian woman living in Hurghada spoke about how to choose a gift for a Muslim that he would like, and did not offend and please him for many years, and a Russian woman living in Hurghada spoke about forbidden presents. p>

  1. Muslim compass. “In a mahogany case with a special built-in map, thanks to which a follower of the religion of the Prophet will always be able to determine the direction to Mecca during prayer (prayer),” the author explained in her Yandex.Zen blog.
  2. Beautiful road prayer rug in a handy case
  3. Azaan clock, which automatically calculates the time for the five obligatory prayers in Islam. Calling watches are in high demand among Muslims, as they honk at a certain time and proclaim the call to prayer. Clocks come in many types and designs, both electronic and mechanical, as well as manual and table.
  4. Islamic mobile phone. As the Russian woman explained, in terms of the number of functions they exceed the most “advanced” watches. “Such technical innovations are not yet available to everyone, but some Russian operators now offer SMS services: sending prayer times and hadiths. As a gift, you can sign your Muslim friend for such services if he visits Russia,” she said. In this case, it is worth paying attention to how many beads they have. So, the correct Islamic rosary number has 11, 33 (the number of the names of the Prophet) or 99 (the number of epithets of Allah) beads.
  5. Quran stand.
  6. Arabic slippers — special shoes without a heel, with a pointed tip and a tassel embroidered with gold threads.
  7. Misk is Islamic perfumery that does not contain alcohol.
  8. Album with photographs of mosques.
  9. Weapons. “It is difficult to imagine a Muslim man indifferent to weapons. Knives, daggers, sabers, swords, bows and arrows, crossbows – this is just a cursory list of possible souvenirs. They are accompanied by original scabbards, belts on which you can carry edged weapons, grindstones and machine tools, weapons catalogs and much more, ”the blogger suggested and added that edged weapons are prohibited from importing without special permission.
  10. Chess and backgammon in a gift box made of birch wood with any kind of wood finish.

Which gift would a devout Muslim woman like?

According to the Russian woman, Muslim women can also be given universal pious gifts, such as a prayer rug, a rosary, or a stand for the Koran. But it will be more pleasant if you choose a specifically female gift. We list them:

  1. Silk scarf and other headwear.
  2. Jewelry. “It is believed that Muslim women are not indifferent to jewelry – beads, bracelets, earrings, rings, rings, etc. – just like men – to weapons. If your Muslim friend is one of the fans of jewelry, then for a gift you can choose an original pendant with Islamic symbols or a bracelet with an Arabic pattern. Give a girl with bright and voluminous jewelry a pendant or a ring with a large stone, a lover of elegant jewelry lines – a thin chain with a miniature crescent, ”the Russian woman advised and reminded that women, unlike men, can be given gold.
  3. Burkinis are one-piece swimsuits featuring a loose fit, knee-length.

What gifts to bring from Russia?

Souvenirs from Russia are always welcomed: matryoshka dolls, a Russia Forward passport cover, a notepad with a pen with Russian symbols. In addition, Egyptian Muslims love chocolate without alcohol in the composition, but not white, as well as chocolates. What else is useful? For example, a T-shirt with the inscription “As-salamu alaikum”.

What things should you refuse to give Muslims?

  1. Accessories and carpets with images of people or animals.
  2. Gold. Here is what the author suggested as an alternative: “Men of Islam should not wear gold, so if you want to give a ring with Muslim symbols (a crescent moon or a surah from the Koran in Arabic), choose silver or any other metal.”
  3. Alcoholic drinks.
  4. Products with erotic content.

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