A Russian woman in Turkey experienced shock and horror when she encountered a crazy Norwegian woman: cats screamed and ran along the beach

A Russian woman in Turkey experienced shock and horror when she encountered a crazy Norwegian woman: cats screamed and ran away along the beach

A domestic traveler who had a rest in the Turkish resort town of Alanya encountered a “crazy Norwegian lady” who provoked dogs to attack local pets – cats. When she finally succeeded, the frightened caudates fled, and the Russians, who survived the shock, called the police.

Recall that homeless cats in Turkey live freely: they are fed and not offended there. “Practically in all large city parks, special towns and places for feeding are equipped for them. Volunteers fill the bowls with dry and wet food twice a day and clean up. Homeless animals are treated and sterilized, kittens are adopted,” the author said in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

According to the traveler, Alanya could become a real paradise for cats, if not stray dogs provoked by strange tourists. For example, one of these Norwegians on the famous Cleopatra Beach was noticed by a blogger. Here is an excerpt from her story: “That morning I decided to take a walk along the sea. The “lady” drew my attention to herself with a loud cry – she called the “beach” dogs to her. When the dogs surrounded her, she led them to the bushes. I thought she wanted to feed them, but instead of eating, the “lady” took out a can of beer from her bag, opened it, and shouted something like “Take them!” to the dogs. The dogs ran together into the bushes. A heart-rending cat's cry was heard from there.

In addition to the author, two Russian women turned out to be random witnesses of the inhumane treatment of animals, who were not afraid and promptly drove the dogs away from the cats. This did not suit the crazy Norwegian in hot pink leggings and a tulle skirt. “She turned purple, rolled her eyes and started yelling at them (girls). I'm not too strong in English, but I made out stupid and bitch. And this, as I was later explained, was the lightest of the epithets that the Russians awarded, ”she added.

As it turned out, this strange woman, whose appearance resembled an aging Barbie, is not the first time she sets the dogs on, “and when she is reprimanded, she yells with a good obscenity.” “Alla-Alla! She’s crazy, don’t mess with her, ”the owner of the cafe next to which the case was unfolding lamented,” the traveler recalled.

The situation turned out not in favor of the Norwegian, so she hastily went to the beach to drink beer. Russian tourist-animal activists called the police, but refused to write a statement about the brawler. As a result, the “lady” got off with an explanatory conversation. “That turned out to be enough. You should have seen how the “lady” got nervous when she saw law enforcement officers approaching her, how and in what tone she spoke! I’m supposedly a citizen of Norway, I’m relaxing here, I don’t touch anyone, I don’t know these dogs, but I love cats, you all misunderstood, ”she justified herself and, as a result, the tourist did not appear on the beach until the end of the vacation.

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