A Russian woman in Turkey went to a pharmacy and experienced shock and fear before returning to Russia

A Russian woman in Turkey went to a pharmacy and experienced shock and fear before returning to Russia

Question: « What to bring from Turkey to Russia” is no longer necessary for the Russians in the sanctions year. These are medicines and lenses for the eyes. “I would like to share short observations that, frankly, shock me, and even create a certain fear of returning to the Russian Federation, if this should suddenly happen,” the Russian woman said, referring to the enormous difference in prices for the same medicines. in Russia and Turkey. She shared her conclusions on the Yandex.Zen channel.

According to the author, long-term experience of living in Turkey has shown that pharmaceutical preparations in the republic are much cheaper and “work better”, therefore, during infrequent visits to Russia, the author carries medicinal “gifts” for relatives. The Russian woman clarified that the medicines and lenses she spoke about are the same, imported both in the Russian Federation and in Turkey.

“In Russia, many medical names either simply disappear from sale or rise in price unrealistically. I was especially amazed yesterday when my mother and I compared the cost of an identical box (medicine): my mother bought it in Moscow for 2,000 rubles, and I bought it in Turkey for 50 lira (that's 245 rubles!). The difference in price has always been, but not 8 times. And this is the story with almost all medicines.

And one more example: lenses. My sister buys them now in Moscow for 2,590 rubles, at least. A year ago, it was possible to “snatch” for 1,300 rubles per pack. And I bought them in Turkey two weeks ago for 134 lira (660 rubles). Do you feel the difference? – added blogger.

In addition, the Russian woman gave valuable advice on the transportation of pharmaceutical preparations from Turkey and back. Let's list them:

  1. Firstly, medicines cannot be sent by mail. “In Turkey, such rules are medicines, cosmetics, liquids (the same lenses “float in a liquid solution” and therefore fall into the category of “prohibited”), products cannot be sent by mail. It’s impossible to send them to Turkey – they will detain them at customs, force them to show a prescription from a Turkish doctor, pay for “customs clearance” and other difficulties, so don’t even try,” she explained.
  2. Secondly, medicines are transported in luggage without any problems, if we are not talking about wholesale lots.
  3. Thirdly, antibiotics are not officially sold without a prescription in Turkey.
  4. Fourthly , the usual drugs in the republic may have a different name, so it’s better to look not at the name of the drug, but at the active substance used in the composition.
  5. Fifth, there are many pharmacies with Russian-speaking staff in resort towns and cities.< /li>
  6. Sixth, for Russians who have received a residence permit and have health insurance, medicines prescribed by a Turkish doctor are dispensed in pharmacies at a big discount. “You just need to find a pharmacy that works with your insurance company. For example, I have an Alliance – a lot of pharmacies work with it, usually there is even an inscription on the window about it. As a result, I pay only a part of the cost of the prescribed medicine, the insurance company pays most of it, ”concluded the Russian woman.

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