A Russian woman living in Egypt has discovered new resorts, unfamiliar to Russians, but popular with locals

A Russian woman living in Egypt has discovered new resorts, unfamiliar to Russians, but popular with locals

New Egyptian resorts, unfamiliar to Russian tourists, but popular with locals, were presented in her blog on Yandex.Zen by a Russian woman living in Egypt. We are talking mainly about the resorts of the Mediterranean, which Egypt is trying to promote in foreign markets, including Russian.

For local residents, according to the blogger, one of the most budgetary vacation options is Alexandria, a city in northern Egypt that stretches for many kilometers along the Mediterranean coast. “In the summer in Alexandria, there is a feeling that there are 5 times more people. The beaches are completely packed,” the blogger writes. Moreover, according to her, there are not just tours for a couple of days, but even “one-day tours” from the surrounding villages – tourists are brought in in the morning, taken back at sunset.

The costs of such popularity are obvious – this is not at all the Egypt that our tourists know and “the beaches in Alexandria are puzzling for our people,” as the blogger writes. “Firstly, there are no sunbeds – only plastic chairs. Secondly, there are so many people that you can understand the meaning of the expression “there is nowhere for the apple to fall.” Many come with their own food supply – pots of pasta, mahshi … Women, of course, bathe in closed swimsuits or even just in clothes. Other options here are only allowed on closed private beaches. They bathe only at the water's edge (most Egyptians swim poorly and are afraid of water). The sea on city beaches is not very clean, and there is a lot of garbage on the sand, ”the blogger explains.

A more upscale option is the northern coast or the Egyptian “Mediterranean Riviera”, which stretches to the very border with Libya. “There are hotels here – of course, not as many as in Hurghada and Sharm, but there are. And for the most part, they are good A's. True, the season does not last all year round, as in the Red Sea, but approximately from April-May to September-October, ”says the blogger. According to her, these places are “suitable for the middle class and above.”

Among the famous resorts, she names El Alamein and Marsa Matruh. “El Alamein is still little known to Russian tourists (most of them have not even heard of it), but this is a very promising place in terms of tourism. While the resort is being completed and is actively developing. El Alamein is a premium class resort, which is called the Egyptian Maldives for its white sand on the beaches. There are luxury hotels, a promenade (Marina), restaurants, nightclubs – everything you need to relax. When it is completely rebuilt and if they can attract wealthy clients, it will probably be the number 1 resort for the Egyptian high class,” the blogger explains.

For foreign tourists, a significant disadvantage is that there is no airport here and you will have to travel 100+ km from Alexandria. At the same time, the resort can additionally offer “historical” tourism – though mainly to Europeans. One of the most important battles of the North African Company of World War II took place here, when Germany and Italy tried to seize control of Egypt, but the Allies drove them back and defeated them near Tunisia. As a result, there is a Military Museum and a cemetery – so El Alamein can be considered not only for beach tourism, but also for historical tourism.

“Marsa Matruh is a city on the border with Libya, another popular place among the Egyptians. It is located more than 200 km from Alexandria. Marsa Matruh also boasts white sand and beautiful views, it is more “developed” and more famous (El Alamein is still a novelty). It is believed that this city is for a relaxing holiday for respectable guests,” adds the blogger.

Another popular resort among the Egyptians is no longer located on the Mediterranean, but on the Red Sea, on the shores of the Gulf of Suez. This is Ain Sokhna, “one of the resorts closest to Cairo (only one and a half to two hours away),” the blogger clarifies. “Mostly local tourists rest here, but the Egyptian authorities are also trying to attract people from Western Europe. Hotels are mainly located on the outskirts and outside the city limits. Most of them do not work on the all-inclusive system, so people often have lunch and dinner at local cafes and restaurants. There are also quite a few private houses here – it is considered chic for wealthy Egyptians to have a “cottage by the sea” in Ain Sokhna, ”said the blogger. However, the resort has about 20 hotels, and mostly these are “fours” and “fives”. “The sea in Ain Sokhna is quite shallow, there are no stones at all – only sand. True, there are almost no corals in this part of the Red Sea either. In general, this place will disappoint divers, but it is suitable for a calm and measured rest. And of course, this is a piece of “real Egypt”, even if it’s chic and with a resort touch,” the blogger noted. Mediterranean. Read more about the programs in this material.

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