A Russian woman living in the Czech Republic spoke about the new misfortunes against the Russians, which were invented by the local authorities

A Russian woman living in the Czech Republic spoke about new misfortunes against Russians that were invented by local authorities

Civilized Europe continues to come up with new misfortunes for “local” Russians, even those who have long been “naturalized” in European countries. This time it was the Czech Republic. As a Russian woman, who has been living in this country for almost 20 years, told on her Yandex.Zen channel, local banks “in the interests of combating terrorism” have closed the opportunity to deposit money into an ATM account for everyone whose birthplace is Russia.

“The other day I received a new card from the ChSOB bank, on Monday I wanted to activate it and put money through it into the bank. Some clients pay me in cash, so I went to the ATM with a small amount that needed to be deposited into the account. But I couldn’t put money into the account, I thought that some kind of system failure had happened, ”said the blogger. Further, a colleague-translator confirmed the problem to her. “Only she, unlike me, went inside the bank and asked why the card was not working. She was told that despite the fact that she had Czech citizenship (like me), her place of birth was Russia. Therefore, it does not work,” said the victim.

As a result, both “born in Russia” filed claims with the bank and with the supervisory authority – the Czech People's Bank. “To which we received an answer that it was within the framework of the battle against international terrorism. For all Russians, regardless of citizenship, the option of depositing money through an ATM was removed,” the blogger explained.

The former Russian woman also clarified that at the moment ChSOB and AirBanka have restrictions on depositing money through an ATM. “Raffeisen did not allow a person with a residence permit to invest money, a person with permanent residence invested money through an ATM without any problems,” the blogger clarified.

Further, she does not forget to tell how they tried to justify the Czech “quirks”. “Personally, my fantasy does not work at all, how the possibility of depositing money through an ATM can be associated with terrorism. My husband and I started talking. Theoretically, the identity is not checked at an ATM, that is, money can be deposited from anyone. Probably, they are afraid that they will launder money or something like that. And for people with Russian citizenship and place of birth in Russia, this function was limited because there is a risk that someone has connections with some groups,” she said.

The blogger also warned that the Russians only those with a residence permit block accounts at all if they are, for example, in the process of extending a visa. “That is, the application for a visa has been submitted, and the visa itself is still in the process of being issued. But if you bring a temporary visa, then the account will be activated back”

“This is such a democratic democracy in the Czech Republic. For some it is, and for some it is not. Actually, as elsewhere in Europe,” the blogger sums up.

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