A Russian woman living in Turkey moved to Egypt for the winter and realized that she was missing

A Russian woman living in Turkey moved to Egypt for the winter and realized that she was missing< /p> Domestic tourist, who was denied a residence permit in Turkey, and then “deployed” on the border with Georgia, was forced to go to the Egyptian Hurghada for the winter and, despite all the advantages of staying in this country, she realized that she lacked some benefits , to which she, like many Russians, managed to get used to. She spoke about this in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

According to the compatriot, in addition to cleanliness in many areas of Hurghada and free beaches, there are five more points that she lacks in a resort located on the Red Sea .

First of all, a poor selection of summer clothes. The traveler went shopping in the largest shopping center in Hurghada, Senzo Mall, but it turned out that there are very few shops there, and those that are there are not huge territories full of things familiar to Russians, but tiny shops. The tourist also complained that among them, even now, when the resort is +30°C, the Egyptians sell mostly warm, not summer clothes.

“I asked the Russians who had moved: “Where do you dress?” Everyone answered the same thing: “In Istanbul.” It is easy to buy cotton t-shirts and beach slippers in Hurghada. But I couldn’t find good dresses and skirts, ”she complained.

Secondly, there is a shortage of decorative cosmetics. The blogger easily found hair products and cosmetics for the face and body from well-known brands, but was faced with a meager selection of decorative cosmetics, and the one that is available for purchase is stored incorrectly, she was indignant. “At least the BB cream tester seemed very 'stale' to me. The choice of brands is also limited. I don't wear a lot of make-up – I only need basic products. But I’m glad that I had a lot with me,” the author noted and added that she also faced a shortage of professional hair cosmetics and genuine perfume in the resort’s stores.

Thirdly, in Egypt does not have unlimited internet. “In some areas of Hurghada, there is not even an opportunity to have home Internet – people “sit” on their mobile (buy a SIM card and “distribute” it from a router or from a phone). The pleasure is not cheap, and when downloading files, gigabytes are spent at a double rate. If there is still home Internet, then it is not unlimited. I'm not used to monitoring traffic consumption, it's hard for me to get used to it. In total, I spend about 1,200 rubles a month on the Internet (mobile + home),” she said.

Another point, problems with finding specialists, for example, a manicurist. The Russian woman shared that she visits only Russian-speaking manicure specialists abroad, while before the trip to Egypt it was easy to find them: “you drive keywords and your area into any social network – you will definitely find something suitable nearby.” However, this method does not work in Hurghada. “Masters here often do not indicate their area, they do not “shine” their faces and prices. This is because they work illegally (and if in Turkey and Thailand the police often turn a blind eye to this, then in Egypt they are strict with such violations). I still found the master 10 minutes walk from the house. True, I learned from her that two of her colleagues work in my residential complex. In a word, everything is the same here: masters and specialists are searched through word of mouth,” the tourist specified.

The final moment is tasteless and expensive coffee. Although local supermarkets have a large selection of goods, the girl felt sad at the coffee rack: “They offer only something local and tasteless from instant coffee at a price of 200 rubles per jar. And imported Nescafe for 500-600 rubles (a can of 100 gr.). With coffee for brewing, everything is not so simple either.”
At the same time, the compatriot added that the resort is replete with an assortment of products of all categories. At the same time, Russians do not have to adapt to the local cuisine, but continue to eat daily the usual dishes and products, such as dumplings, dumplings, cottage cheese, buckwheat, sour cream and herring under a fur coat and Russian salad. “Russian food is prepared by the Slavs, not the Egyptians, so it is very tasty,” she concluded.

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