A Russian woman revealed the secret why ordinary dishes in a hotel are delicious in Turkey, but not at home in Russia

A Russian woman revealed the secret why in Turkey the usual dishes in the hotel – are delicious, and at home in Russia – no

“Why does an ordinary vegetable salad or boiled rice seem like the “food of the gods” in Turkey, but not at home? How do Turks manage to make a masterpiece out of an ordinary omelet or sweet pudding?” – a Russian traveler asked herself culinary questions on the Yandex.Zen channel. And there she shared with the Russians not one, but ten secrets of transforming dishes at once, which she learned from familiar cooks and housewives from Antalya and Istanbul. Here are the secrets of cooking ten dishes.


In hotels on the “buffet” and in restaurants in Turkey, ordinary rice seems especially delicious. Everything is attractive in it: golden color, crumbly and delicate texture. In other words, it is not at all the same as the Russians prepare it at home.
“It turns out that the secret is in the oil. Put about a third of a pack of butter, a little dry vermicelli and 2 cups of washed rice into the pan. Then everything is fried until golden brown, poured with water and a little lemon juice is added. Everything is ready when the water boils. This dish is called “pilav” (do not confuse it with pilaf) and is served with meat dishes,” the tourist explained.

Vegetable salad

Casual salad of cucumbers and tomatoes in Turkish performance is different from homemade. It's all about the extra ingredients. In Turkey, this is red onion, previously scalded with boiling water to get rid of bitterness, olive oil, lemon juice and pomegranate sauce. According to the blogger, “sweet pomegranate and sour lemon bring out and complement the taste of vegetables.”


The most popular breakfast in Turkey is menemen. tomato omelet with vegetables. Its recipe is simple: first you should fry any vegetables, for example, the Turkish “quartet” – onions, sweet and hot peppers, tomatoes. Then add two tablespoons of tomato paste, beat in the eggs and mix quickly. “Another secret is to eat the dish with your hands: dip a piece of fresh bread and scoop up an omelet with it,” the girl added.


“Even the simplest Turkish pastries seem to be the most delicious in the world. What's the secret? Let me tell you about the example of lahmajun – a thin flatbread sprinkled with fried minced meat. Why is a simple snack eaten with great pleasure? Secret number 1 – sumac. It is a seasoning with a sour-spicy taste that makes any dish special. Secret number 2 – vegetables. Cabbage, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers are cut very finely. The salad is put on a hot cake and rolled up to make it more convenient to eat. Secret number 3 – lemon juice. In Turkish cuisine, lemon is almost always appropriate,” the author shared the recipe.


Turkish sweets have a special taste, although they are made from ordinary products. The traveler noted that it was all about rose water. “Flower essence gives oriental desserts a unique aroma and reveals their taste. Try to cook the usual sweets with rose water, and you will discover something new for yourself, ”the Russian woman advised.

Cold pastes

white yogurt with herbs and garlic, grated eggplant, bean hummus, and other similar snacks that are served with any dish with a tortilla. It is customary to eat pastas, dipping bread in them or adding them to familiar dishes. They are what add appeal to simple dishes like boiled potatoes or pasta.

Hearty Salads

In this case, non-standard serving of the usual food also works. According to the traveler, Turks serve stewed vegetables mixed with cold pasta or bulgur, cold. At the same time, they season such dishes with tomato paste and olive oil. “It turns out a simple, hearty and very tasty dish. Turks prepare a salad of chilled meat or chicken with vegetables, tuna with pasta, stewed beans with cabbage, and so on. Even stuffed peppers they like to eat cold rather than hot,” she wrote.


Butter is an essential ingredient in many Turkish dishes. “It is not only fried. In Turkey, it is customary to pour ghee on ready meals. So they get a more delicate taste. Usually baked meat, some types of kebabs, fried vegetables are flavored with butter. If a dish (usually meat or seafood) is cooked in a cast-iron pan in a large amount of oil and spices, the Turks will definitely dip bread in it until they eat it to the last drop with pleasure, ”the girl revealed another secret.

Greens and Lemon Juice

Turkish cuisine uses an abundance of fragrant herbs to add a special piquancy to dishes. Here is the author's comment: “Try adding any greens to the simplest side dish, and you will fall in love even with what has long been “palled”. Lemon juice is also a frequent guest on the Turkish table. It is even squeezed into creamy soups and side dishes.

Breakfast buns

In Turkey, various “spreads” for breakfast are popular, because it is delicious . “The Turks mix cream cheese (kaymak) with honey, thick fruit syrup (pekmez) with sesame paste. Buns are eaten warm, dipped in bowls with a sweet treat,” the tourist noted, adding that an ordinary loaf richly flavored with such a “spread” would be very tasty.

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