A Russian woman went to a clothing store in Egypt and was amazed by the prices and assortment

A Russian woman went to a clothing store in Egypt and was amazed by the prices and assortment

What can be found in Egypt in the famous clothing store “so glass showcases and fixed prices”? A Russian woman went on an excursion to such a clothing store and was amazed at the prices and assortment. She spoke about the results of shopping and the facts that especially struck her in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

To begin with, the tourist noted that the prices for branded clothing in Egypt are higher than in other countries – for example, in Turkey or Russia, and with a sharp jump in the dollar, “in general, they have become unbearable for many.” “Here, even Zara is considered almost an elite store, and Mango is somehow more expensive than Zara (I always thought the opposite). And only Waikiki is relatively cheap even in Cairo, but those who consider themselves to be the local elite do not go there,” the blogger added. However, she went on a “trip” to the Egyptian mass market, Estino store – a local brand selling clothes, shoes and bags.

“It occupies two floors at once, and by the number of people, I immediately realized that it would not be expensive there. Everything looks solid: large glass showcases, a cash desk with several sellers, fixed price tags on all goods,” the tourist said. However, there were also many amazing things.

Firstly, these are frank fakes of sports shoes and bags. Abibos sneakers “only for 570 rubles” and bags, among which are “copies of the Guess type (470 r) and Yves Saint Laurent type (for the same price)”, which, according to the blogger, show that they sewed them off in some Egyptian – or maybe Chinese, basement.

They don’t try to pass off clothes as “some cool product,” the blogger adds. This is a product of dubious quality, but inexpensive and “honestly, Estino is written on all the tags.” “Some copies are given literally for a penny (sort of like a sale): a turtleneck made of eco-leather – for 240 rubles, trousers – 550 rubles, shirts of different colors for 450 rubles. But, by the way, if things look good and, as they say, “in trend”, then they cost more. Artificial leather trousers in milky color – already 1200 rubles, and this is with discounts, ”said the blogger.

In the end, the thing that surprised her most was the number of fakes. “It seemed to me that the time for explicit copies had already passed. And it was thought that the place for such “Gucci”, “Chanel” and others – in the clothing markets somewhere in the tents. I know that now brands in the luxury segment are actively fighting fakes, but here in a large store right in the city center there is such an assortment. With barcodes and official price tags. Maybe it’s just that the representatives of these brands don’t show their noses in Egypt?” the blogger thought. At the same time, according to her, there are the same branded sports shoes in Egypt, but the prices differ by about 10 times – that is, branded Adidas sneakers cost, which is understandable, not 570, but all 5600 rubles for our money.

< p>“Given that many Egyptians have a salary of 5,000 pounds (12,500 rubles), on which they also need to feed their families, the majority opts for Abibos and Kike,” the blogger added.

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