A Russian woman with her husband and a cat emigrated to Vietnam and calculated how much it cost

A Russian woman emigrated to Vietnam with her husband and cat and calculated how much it cost

A couple of Russians moved to Vietnam with their cat and was surprised to realize that they had spent over 320,000 rubles and 1 million nerve cells on it. The girl cited the expenses of the family as part of a non-standard route in a blog on Yandex.Zen.
According to her, the path from Moscow to sunny Nha Trang in Vietnam lay through third countries, or rather, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Why was such complexity necessary? The author noted that along the way they solved some important issues for themselves.

So, here are the points on which exactly 322,020 rubles were spent as part of a large move:

  1. Vaccinations, processing and a chip for a 9-year-old cat Mitya – 5.2 thousand rubles
  2. Certificate for departure – 1.7 thousand rubles.
  3. Carrying according to the requirements of the AC – 1.5 thousand rubles.
  4. Suitcase + vacuum bags, scales for luggage – 9 thousand rubles.
  5. Pharmacy and medicines for a cat – 6.5 thousand rubles. “The first-aid kit had to be assembled thoroughly and wisely. Some drugs have no analogues in Asia at all, for example Enterosgel. I have no prejudices about hygiene in a typical Vietnamese eatery, but I wanted to be ready for various twists and turns,” the traveler explained her approach to choosing medicines.
  6. Notarized power of attorney – 1 thousand rubles
  7. International rights – 1.120 rubles
  8. Sending things by mail to relatives – 3.5 thousand rubles
  9. Tickets for all air travel to three and a 7-day tour to Nha Trang with breakfast – 218 thousand rubles.
  10. Vietnamese visa – 5 thousand rubles.
  11. Spending in Uzbekistan: renting an apartment for 3 weeks in Uzbekistan – 22 thousand rubles. and the purchase of a new (hard and large) cat carrier, as well as food, utilities, transportation, opening bank cards and registration. Total – 35 thousand rubles.
  12. Train tickets to Almaty – 7.5 thousand rubles.
  13. Spending in Kazakhstan: hotel, food, taxi to the airport – 5 thousand rubles.< /li>

As they approached their final destination, the Russian woman realized that she could spend much less than what happened in reality. So, for example, a couple applied for a visa through a “helper” – a person who filled out and paid for everything instead of migrants. “We didn’t even look at the site where you need to submit information about tourists beforehand. But in vain. At this point, they could easily save money, it turned out that everything is simple there, only a foreign card is needed, ”she complained.

In addition, a tour to Nha Trang could also be bought cheaper. “We considered several options through “our” travel agent, who had previously sent us on vacation several times, but had no experience in transporting an animal on a charter flight. In this case, the tour operator himself finds out the availability of places for the animal on a particular board and books a ticket for the pet. As a result, they preferred a travel agent from Kazakhstan, who became a star in the chats of travelers with pets and has been actively sending dogs and cats to Vietnam, Thailand and other countries for the past six months. She has more commission, and fewer accommodation options. So we chose a three-star hotel for a lot of money, but with an imaginary guarantee of Mityan's successful flight,” the traveler added.

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