A scandal erupted in Turkish hotels: the reception of tourists is threatened

A loud scandal erupted in Turkish hotels: the reception of tourists is endangered

The coronavirus epidemic and the resulting downsizing of hotel staff in Turkey has turned into a major scandal between hotel owners and potential staff, who now cannot be lured back into the hotel industry. As a result, the reception of tourists is jeopardized: many hotels in Turkey simply cannot open, because. unable to hire service personnel. Hoteliers complain that they cannot find “even two people” for the maximum salary, and former employees who left the tourism industry very caustically comment on their proposals for the so-called “maximum” salary, calling it beggarly, the work itself is hellish, and their position in the field tourism – slave.

Yakup Demir, head of the Cesme resort hoteliers association, said that even with a salary of 10,000 pounds, he cannot find employees. “We are in a real crisis: we are suffering from a lack of staff. My hotelier friend calls me, says he is looking for staff, asks for help. And earlier it was difficult to find staff for ordinary positions – cleaners, dishwashers, now we can not find anyone at the front desk. I need to hire 14 people at a resort hotel that I manage. And I was lucky, I was able to find 7 employees. Some don't even have that, they technically can't open,” he said.

In the comments to the news, it should be noted that these “missing employees” spoke actively about both work and salary, and very caustically:

“I worked in this slave system for 25 years, I am 43 years old, and in 25 years I could only earn a living and could not save anything. Work 15-17 hours in a 4-5 month season, and go wherever you want when the season is will end. Over the years I have not had any holidays or holidays. Now I work in agriculture – yes, I have two foreign languages ​​at the level of my mother tongue, work experience abroad, but since I have not worked with you for the last 3 years, I am calm, in the evening I can go home and spend time with family. We have a lot of Syrians, Afghans – take them to your slave enterprises,” one employee angrily comments.

“Do you offer your employees a maximum of 10,000 Turkish liras per month for three to four months? You have to pay at least twice as much so that they have something to live on until the next season! I don’t have much luxury, I don’t pay rent, my child goes to a public school – but I can’t get below 13 thousand a month, this is the minimum, ”others comment.

There are, for example, and such an original comment: “If it’s difficult to be a boss, it’s easy to be an employee, then give me the hotel, you will be an employee, you don’t have 10,000 per month, but 20,000 lira for a salary + insurance + food + housing. do you agree?”

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