A series of strange deaths of foreigners began in Pattaya: one of them was found by frightened Russian tourists

A series of strange deaths of foreigners began in Pattaya: one of them was found by frightened Russian tourists

Return of a mass tourist to Thailand was marked by a series of tragic incidents: a series of strange deaths of foreigners began in Pattaya – a fall from a window, a fall on the street with a fatal outcome, and an accident on the water have already been recorded. The last dead was found by frightened Russian tourists.

According to Thai media, on Sunday early in the morning on the main street of Pattaya, Walking Street, a tourist lost consciousness, fell, “without making a sound”, and hit his head hard on the sidewalk. The efforts of the rescuers were ultimately unsuccessful – the man died. At the same time, no identity documents were found with the tourist; he is tentatively of Indian or Middle Eastern origin, appears to be about 55 years old, details are being investigated.

Even earlier, on January 16, a Chinese travel agent fell to his death after falling out of a hotel window in Pattaya. Police and rescuers found the body of 33-year-old travel agent Chen Pu Lin in a pool of blood on the walkway of the Mantra Pura hotel in Bang Lamung district. He was dressed only in underwear. At the same time, the Chinese arrived at the resort on business, as part of a group of four from a Chinese travel agency, which studied tourist places in Pattaya.

And, finally, the last tragedy occurred the other day – Russian tourists vacationing on Wong Amat Beach were horrified to find a human body floating behind the beach's boundary line. Tourists in a panic hurried to call rescuers and the police, the hotel manager reported. Alas, the help was late – it was not possible to bring the tourist back to life, the rescuers had to pick up the body. A man, apparently 50 years old, without any wounds or injuries, was found 25 meters from the beach, tangled in a buoy. No documents were found with him either, of all things – only blue shorts. The body was taken to the hospital for identification.

As a result, it is very likely that an investigation will be undertaken, what caused such a sharp increase in tragic cases – simply an increase in the number of tourists at the resort or “accompanying circumstances” of a criminal nature.

Moreover, following the news about the drowned man, it turned out that only on Tuesday another tragedy was miraculously avoided – the rescuers miraculously managed to save a foreign tourist on Jomtien Beach in Pattaya. Jomtien Beach lifeguard Thongchai Thiangcharoe said he was at a tourist service point on the beach when a group of tourists arrived and informed him that the foreigner was unconscious in the sea. Arriving rescuers pulled the foreign tourist ashore. He was under water for 5 to 10 minutes, as a result, the airways of the tourist were filled with water. Rescuers carried out resuscitation measures, fortunately, which turned out to be successful. Then the rescue team put the tourist in an ambulance and took him to Bang Lamung Hospital for treatment. Perhaps if the investigation into the string of deaths of tourists is launched, this miraculously rescued tourist can provide important evidence.

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