A stormy skirmish between tourists about politics forced the plane flying to Dubai to land in another city

Tourists' stormy squabble about politics forced them to land the plane flying to Dubai in another city

To the tourists gathered to Dubai from Kazan, had to endure an unscheduled landing in Samara “for political reasons.” The FlyDubai liner made an emergency landing due to rowdy passengers, and as Baza assures the telegram channel, politics became the subject of their dispute.

“In Samara, an emergency landing was made due to a passenger arguing too zealously about politics. The plane was flying from Kazan to Dubai,” the source said.

The authors of the channel assure that, according to the passengers, the brawl on board was made by a tourist who had taken too much alcohol, who “clashed with a neighbor about the difficult situation in the world.” Further, as witnesses assure, the tourist “overdid it with arguments and began to rage.”

“As a result, he was calmed down, although this did not make anyone feel better. Because of the brawler, the plane was redirected to Samara instead of Dubai,” the victims also complained.

As a result of the proceedings, the brawler was dropped from the flight, drawing up an administrative report on him. The rest of the tourists nevertheless flew to the UAE, but arrived there much later than planned.

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