A tourist arrived in Phuket and was hospitalized with monkeypox

Tourist arrived in Phuket and was hospitalized with monkeypox

A tourist from Germany became the third “documented” case of monkeypox in Thailand. The 25-year-old German, who entered the country on July 18, was hospitalized in August. Monkeypox symptoms have been confirmed and seven contacts of the tourist have been quarantined.

The tourist who was traveling with the girl was admitted to the hospital on August 2, according to local media. Among the complaints were fever and a rash on the genitals, which then spread to the whole body. Blood samples were taken from the tourist and tested for monkeypox, the test was positive. Thus, the tourist turned out to be the third case in Thailand, and the second in Phuket.

The authorities reported that they had carried out work to identify the contacts of the tourist. As a result, seven people have been placed in a 21-day quarantine. They also reassured tourists and local residents that the German and his girlfriend “did not actively attend” clubs and other entertainment venues, and also that monkeypox is less contagious than covid.

At the same time, as Thai officials suggest from medicine, the victim did not become infected in Thailand. Between the arrival of the German in the country and the development of symptoms was too short a period of time – they assure. That is, the tourist was already a carrier of the disease at the time of entry.

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