A tourist decided to rape a hotel employee at a popular resort and was arrested

A tourist decided to rape a hotel worker at a popular resort and was arrested

A tourist escaped jail after forcing a hotel worker to have sex with him at a resort in Spain.

A foreign tourist was first arrested and then released after he nearly raped a hotel employee on the popular Spanish island of Mallorca (Balearic Islands). A 27-year-old tourist from the UK almost became a victim of an employee of the same hotel where the aggressive traveler stayed. During his drunken holiday in the resort of Puerto de Alcudia in Mallorca, he knocked on the first door he came across. It turned out that it was a staff lounge. When the girl opened the door, he managed to grab her by the wrist and pulled her into the corridor. He then told her, “Come down, come down,” while pulling down his trousers. However, the girl managed to escape and escape.

She later reported the incident to the police. As a result, the tourist was arrested. According to the victim, a drunk Briton forced her to have sex. She said that at that time he was wearing only shorts and a thong.

As a result, the man pleaded guilty to a crime of coercion and was sentenced to six months in prison. However, since he made a deal with the investigation, his prison term was automatically suspended.

Similar actions in the resorts of Mallorca, where primarily British travelers like to relax, are common. So last month, Spanish police arrested a man after allegedly raping a British tourist. The police managed to find the suspect after a long hunt.

It is known about the incident that the victim of the rapist was on vacation in Palma, the resort town and capital of the Spanish island of Mallorca, in September 2021. At this time, the attack was carried out.

After the incident, she contacted the London Metropolitan Police, who alerted the police in Spain via Interpol. The woman gave authorities the approximate location of the attack, as well as a description of the interior of the house she was locked in. She also said that the suspect told her that the apartment belonged to his parents.

Police investigating suspected that the apartment could be rented out, Ultima Hora said. After reviewing the listings for short-term rentals, they noticed a property similar to the one described by the victim and called the phone number listed in the ad. A man answered with the same name that the victim gave to identify the suspect.

According to law enforcement officers, further events developed rapidly: the man was quickly searched for and detained in Madrid, and the victim recognized him as a rapist, despite significant changes in his appearance.

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