A tourist got a pedicure on the plane, shocking others

A tourist got a pedicure on the plane, shocking others

Tourists use air travel time in different ways: they sleep, watch movies, read, etc. However, there are also shocking surrounding actions. So, recently, one passenger of the plane did herself a pedicure in front of shocked travelers. The corresponding video was posted on TikTok.

The footage shows how the woman climbed into a chair with bare feet, laid out hygiene items for a pedicure and varnish, and then took up the treatment of her nails. There was no limit to the indignation of the passengers sitting nearby. In their opinion, this should be done inside your own home, and not at a height surrounded by strangers. “Please keep personal care…personal,” read the video's plea.

In the comments under the video, the tourists expressed the same thing: I will never understand this behavior. Never!”, “I had to politely ask two young ladies not to put on nail polish as they once stuck out in the aisle”, “Why can't people just do nothing with their feet on airplanes?”, “What's wrong with traveling on an airplane, what inspires some people to pick their nails? And one user even stated that this woman should be blacklisted by the airline for her actions.

While filing off dead skin can be disgusting for everyone else in flight, walking barefoot on an airplane in In general, it is also quite unhygienic. For example, flight attendant Beth Windsor told Insider that walking barefoot in the cabin of an aircraft is a big mistake that tourists can make during a flight. Floors are one of the dirtiest parts of an aircraft, she says, and removing shoes and socks can lead to foot infections. “If the plane gets into turbulence when you are in a small restroom, it can lead to a mess that you probably don’t want to go into, especially barefoot,” the aviation expert explained.

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