A tourist in Antalya stayed in a hotel room for 2.5 years, shocking the police

A tourist in Antalya stayed in a hotel room for 2.5 years, shocking the police

In the resort city of Antalya, a foreign the tourist did not leave the hotel room for 2.5 years. When it suddenly became quiet behind the wall, the police rushed to him at the call of the administration. Law enforcement officers were shocked by what they saw.

According to Turizmajansi, the passport and visa of 57-year-old Kari Patri Lassi, a Finnish citizen who lived in the Kaleiçi Tabakhane Sokak in Antalya for about 4 years, has expired quite a while ago.

For 2.5 years he was sitting in the room and at some point the employees stopped hearing the sounds that had previously come from behind his door. They thought that the recluse had died, and called the police. Arriving at the scene, law enforcement officers knocked on the door and demanded to show documents. Just then, there was a noise in the room. As it turned out later, the frightened Finn is alive. This was revealed when he tried to avoid meeting with law enforcement officers: he climbed from the balcony of his room to the roof and tried to retreat. At this time, he was wearing a protective helmet and a tennis racket. However, he failed to escape. Three police officers surrounded the traveler who was staying in Turkey, lowered him to the ground and took him to the police station. To do this, they had to make their way through the shocking dump that the guest made in the room.

The apartment manager gave the following comment to the police: “This client stayed with us for 4 years. Initially, he came with a friend. However, his companion returned to Finland earlier this month, but this one stayed behind. I haven't seen Lassie for about 2.5 years, I just heard he's here. He didn't leave the room. Last time I suspected he was dead and called the police. I knocked on his door day and night, he did not answer. He didn't make a sound. When the police arrived, we opened the door, went in and saw that he was alive. It turned out that his visa was overdue by about 2.5 years, and the validity of his passport had also expired. He constantly made me uncomfortable. The room has turned into a dump. He sang at night and annoyed the neighbors. This man, a Finnish citizen, I couldn't get him out of the room. I do not think that he will return, because. his passport and visa had expired. Today, when the police asked to see his documents, he tried to hide on the roof.”

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