A tourist on a plane hit a man for spreading his legs

A tourist on a plane hit a man with spread legs

he took her personal space and did not want to give in. Users of the Reddit forum took the situation ambiguously, Express reported.

A woman posted a photo in which her neighbor's legs were in contact with her legs, moreover, in the territory of a tourist chair. In addition, her companion spread his arms wide and occupied the entire armrest, due to which the traveler was practically pressed into the aisle seat. “This is how my entire four-hour flight went today. I am a 172 cm tall woman,” she said.

According to the author of the post, she tried to ask the man to close his legs, but he did not heed her requests. “A couple of times I mentioned this, and he removed his leg, but after a while she returned back to me,” added the tourist.

Many commentators agreed with the woman and said the man's behavior was unacceptable. So, one of them said that there is simply no room in air seats for tall people with long legs. To which another retorted: “Look at his length from hip to knee in relation to her. He's undersized! He has shorter legs! He's invading because he's a Neanderthal, not because he's too tall for the place!”

However, not everyone was against this tourist. So, some said there was probably not much he could do. “People fill their heads with such things. Just tell your neighbor about it. If he doesn't comply, tell the flight attendant.”

Another argued that it didn't look like a male passenger had much legroom while flying. “For anyone who says he has to move his leg, take a close look at where his knee is, pressed against the seat divider in front of him.”

Recall that this phenomenon has already received the special name “Munspreading”. This is the habit of men to sit in public transport, including an airplane, with their legs spread wide, thereby occupying more than one seat.

Such proximity on a flight tends to be divisive, with many passengers complaining about the lack of legroom on the plane. For example, a traveler crammed into the middle seat in a row often has the least legroom, while a traveler sitting in an aisle seat often has the most.

To avoid conflict situations, passengers can also pay extra if they need extra legroom on a flight. This usually needs to be done before flying. It's no secret that low-cost flights have the least legroom for passengers, and seats can be very narrow. Tourists who think they might need more legroom should try to book an aisle seat so they can stretch out.

On some low cost airlines, passengers will also have to pay extra if they want to put their bag in the overhead lockers . Note that bags left under the seat also limit passenger legroom, making flying even more uncomfortable.

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