A tourist on a plane put her bare feet on a folding table, shocking the passenger

A plane tourist put her bare feet on a folding table, shocking a passenger

On a flight from Seattle to Orange County in the United States, a passenger was shocked, after seeing the tourist put her bare feet on the folding table on the plane where people usually eat. The man took photos and shared them on a social network, Newsweek writes.

A passenger named Luka said that he was surprised by the absurdity of what was happening and the inaction of the crew of the aircraft. In his opinion, bare feet have absolutely no place on the table for food. “I did not express my outrage just because the flight attendants saw this gross violation, but just walked by and did nothing. There was no point in telling them something,” Luka said.

But on the Internet, the indignation of the passenger found support. He posted the picture he took on the Reddit forum, garnering over 36,000 likes and 4,000 comments. Most of the users also shocked their feet on the table. “Humanity no longer has a future, this is the last straw,” wrote one of the commentators. “The legs are also terribly dirty, what wildness! Do people really do this? What's wrong with them?” another person added.

Some comments said that people had been flying for years but had never seen anything like it. Although there were those who began to upload their own similar photos. Others hurried to point out to Luka that the picture shows that he himself raised his foot on the seat. “You also took off your shoes and put them in their place. Yes, your foot is in your place, and there is no one around. But in general, you both need to learn how to keep your feet in shoes, ”one user wrote.

In response, Luka admitted his mistake, but noted that this cannot be compared with bare feet on table. “That's true, but at least I tried to stay where I am. I would never in my right mind put my bare feet on a table where people eat,” he replied.

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