A tourist revealed the secret of how to make the front seat not recline on you on an airplane

Tourist reveals the secret of how to make the front seat not recline on you on an airplane

“Evil” way to stop passengers, reclining in the front seat on airplanes and thus taking up the space of other travelers, was revealed by one of the experienced tourists during a radio broadcast on Nova FM in Australia.

Air travel, especially in economy class, is notoriously uncomfortable, but it can turn into hell if the travelers in front claim your privacy by leaning their seat back as far as possible. According to the interlocutor, the person sitting in front of her can quickly regret that he reclined his seat if she decides to do evil to him, The Sun reported.

“When you fly economy class, the person in front of you is very inattentive and leans his seat all the way back. “You know there are vents at the top that can be rotated. So I just turn them right in his face and turn them on at full power, ”the girl said about her method of how to win back personal space from a cheeky air passenger.

The hosts of the show were impressed with her “punishment”, calling it “really smart” and “sassy”. They were so taken with the air traveler's advice that they shared the recording of the call on their Tiktok page and asked users if it really was “the most ingenious or evil hack for air travel.”

The video has been viewed almost a million times, and some travelers were quite impressed with the idea. “My new move”, I will use this, my legs can barely fit behind the seats when they are upright,” some tourists thanked the author. However, others reported that the girl took away the legal right of the passenger sitting in front to lean back when they want. Another group of users reported that a breeze wouldn't force them to raise the chair to an upright position: “Are you kidding? I'm always hot on the plane, I would love it.”

Meanwhile, another passenger did something similar and dried her own underpants – details here.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that “Tourista is tough detained and looked through the contents of the smartphone after the photo on the plane.

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