A tourist stirred up the network by buying seats in business class cheaper than in economy class by changing browser settings

Tourist stirred up the network by buying business class seats cheaper than economy class by changing browser settings

A foreign tourist bought seats in business class on the booking site of one of the airlines cheaper than in economy class, and shared instructions on how to do it. According to him, it is enough to change the language in the browser settings. The details were published by the British newspaper Mirror.

Most tourists dream of flying business class or first class, but buy economy tickets because they don't want to overpay. However, an unusual observation made by British traveler Cameron Stewart, just by “playing” with browser settings, could help someone next time save money on a flight and get a place in the coveted business class.

The man booked a luxurious chair with the opportunity to sleep on the flight Santiago (Chile) – Easter Island on the website of the South American LATAM (Airlines Group). “I 'played' with the LATAM (Airlines Group) website a few months ago and found that if I changed the language from English to Spanish, business class seats would be cheaper than economy class. I used Google Translate to book my tickets, and here we are about to take a six-hour flight with a cheaper bed than economy class! Always check airline websites in multiple languages ​​to get the best deal… sometimes prices vary a lot depending on which language you book in,” the traveler shared his discovery.

As the tourist noted, he had previously met with a similar opinion, but considered it a rumor that the websites of South American airlines sometimes set different prices for tickets, depending on which language the browser of a particular tourist is set to. As it turned out, for English speakers, air tickets are sold more expensive.

The author of the article turned on the VPN to give the impression that he was in Chile at the time of buying the ticket, and changed the browser language. “I deleted all cookies from my browser and used private mode, so there was no way for the site to detect that I was out of the country. After I got comfortable with the Spanish language and used Google Translate to fill it in, I was able to book bunk beds in LATAM's brand new Boeing 787 for a flight to the world's most remote airport, Easter Island,” he added.

Although the traveler claimed that the prices at which he bought the tickets were cheaper, he admitted that the life hack does not always work. Airline prices rise and fall daily, change places – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, ”the Briton clarified.

So, according to numerous posts on the Reddit forum, the advice is really valuable, you just have to constantly monitor prices and change settings . “I once saved $700 by booking tickets to Peru using Spanish rather than English,” one user said.

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