A tourist visited Kamchatka and told how to make such a trip inexpensive

A tourist visited Kamchatka and told how to make such a trip inexpensive

“Life hacks” on how to visit Kamchatka and not go broke presented on her channel in Yandex. Zen travel blogger. She noted that according to the Federal Tourism Agency, the average price of a weekly tour per person is 105,000 rubles, but in general, “a trip to Kamchatka can be made quite comparable in cost to a trip to any other region of Russia.” The tourist gave specific prices, as well as little tricks to avoid astronomical flight prices and expensive excursions.

Firstly, according to her, the ideal time to travel to Kamchatka is autumn. “It is still warm enough, there are no mosquitoes and midges, there are no crowds of tourists, and hotel prices are significantly lower than in summer,” she explained. At the same time, tickets are relatively affordable – according to the blogger, a ticket for an Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and back, bought a couple of days before departure, cost 25,000 rubles in September.

The blogger cited the following prices for hotels. “Blue Lagoon” with breakfast and a visit to the thermal pool will cost 4500 rubles per day. The hotel is very decent, and this price is more than justified. In the city itself, you can stay cheaper. Prices start at 2,000 rubles for a double room,” she said, adding that “in Moscow, Tula or any other region” prices are about the same. Similarly, the prices for products in stores – they are “Moscow”. Cafes and restaurants, according to the tourist, can be found “for every taste and budget.”

According to the tourist, excursions can become a serious opportunity to minimize costs. “If you open the website of any travel agency in Kamchatka, the cost of the tour starts from 6,000 rubles per person. Agree, if you came together, then paying 12 thousand for a trip to the Khalaktyrsky beach or thermal springs is such a thing, ”she explains. “Trick with ears”, according to the blogger, they undertook a simple one – they rented a car. “Prices – from 3000 rubles. When traveling in Russia, I don’t often rent a car, but 3000-5000 rubles. per day for an SUV seems to me a completely justified price. Especially if you are traveling with a group,” the blogger said, and also presented interesting places “where you can go without special off-road training”, noting that they “enough for a week of travel.”

  • Khalaktyrsky beach , where you can get on your own and on the navigator. Admission is free.
  • Country thermal springs. “It’s like the Valley of Geysers, but closer and you don’t have to fly by helicopter. The same story: you come and just go for a walk,” the tourist explained.
  • The Vachkazhets mountain range. “Any car will come here too. Then you leave it in a makeshift parking lot next to the lake. You still can’t go further, because this is a nature reserve, so just go for a walk,” the blogger explained.
  • Malkinskiye thermal springs. “There is generally asphalt right up to the very sources. On the way there is a very beautiful lake. The visit is free if you leave the car in front of the barrier and walk 300 meters on foot through the territory. Well, or 600 rubles for entry by car. Here you can have a picnic – there are barbecues and gazebos,” the blogger said.

She also states that tourists have the opportunity to arrange a horseback ride for little money, visit the Koryak camp and “just ride by car along the hills around Petropavlovsk.

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