A tourist was shocked by the difference between real and advertising views at a popular resort

The tourist was shocked by the difference between real and advertising views at the popular resort

“Fabulous Bali” can thoroughly disappoint you – a tourist told about this in a video on Tik Tok, who is shocked at the difference between real and advertised views at the popular resort and filmed it for everyone to see.

Blogger Luna de Fauve, a tourist from Holland, captured the popular location, the Kos One hotel in Kanguu in the south of the island. Accommodation here is about $40 per night, and the photos provided by the hotel reflect the concept of “fabulous Bali”, including magnificent views of green fields and a pool bar.

The tourist video also begins with rows of sun loungers lined up along a turquoise blue pool surrounded by greenery. But as the woman turns to capture other angles, reality quickly becomes different. The video captures the dirty plowed land and the gloomy concrete skeletons of a nearby construction site – the landscape is very far from the “fantastic view”.

“Bali: social networks and reality,” the blogger titled her video. The video has earned over 1.6 million views – and many weren't surprised. “It's all about the angle and the season,” they comment, adding that the rice fields from the moment they are harvested to the time the seedlings emerge look very unaesthetic. “You must be new,” remarks another commenter.

Others generally agree that “Bali is the most overrated place I’ve ever been,” and the latest pandemic crisis clearly didn’t go to his advantage. As tourists complained, the blogger is not the first and not the last, many “ran up” and worse, someone booked an apartment for himself – and only upon arrival found that the booked villa had been in an abandoned state for all these two years, others complained that hotel owners, where tourists expected to get a “relaxing haven”, they are building and putting the housing in order, while receiving tourists.

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