A tourist went to the toilet next to a popular attraction and was raped

Tourist went to the toilet next to a popular attraction and was raped

A 23-year-old man was arrested after being investigated on suspicion of rape while intoxicated. A foreign tourist has become a victim of sexual harassment. The attack site is a public toilet in the tourist center of Paris. Details were reported to CNN by the Paris prosecutor's office.

A 27-year-old American tourist was raped over the weekend in a public toilet in the 4th arrondissement in central Paris, a source close to the case told CNN. The attack area is a tourist hub, home to many of the French capital's famous landmarks, including Notre Dame and the Center Pompidou. According to the publication, the case is already in litigation. The suspect's name and nationality have not been released.

This summer, Paris is holding special police operations near major attractions. Between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, Paris police conducted 16 interrogations and examined more than 60 people near the Eiffel Tower, according to a police statement.

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