A tourist who has visited all countries of the world revealed the best and worst places on the planet

A tourist who has visited all countries of the world has revealed the best and worst places on the planet

countries of the world, told tourists about the best unexpected discoveries, criticized typical tourist destinations and attractions, and also told about the places where the most delicious food is found.

Henrik Jeppesen started traveling at the age of 17 from Cairo and in 3,000 days of travel visited all 193 countries officially recognized by the UN, as well as disputed territories and even tiny islands. First of all, the tourist told about those countries that were a pleasant surprise for him

“The country that surprised and delighted the most” of the tourist was Rwanda. “You think about the genocide in 1994, you expect an African country where there are many problems, but this is not so. It is very safe and very clean here. There are wonderful people and amazing scenery. Known as the land of a thousand hills, it is a fantastic tourist destination,” said the Dane. The second pleasant surprise was also presented by Africa, it turned out to be Nigeria, about which the tourist “heard a lot of negativity”. “But I went to Lagos and it was amazing,” Henrik said.

He named New Zealand and Estonia as countries that did not bring surprises, but fully lived up to expectations. Of the former, he said that it was “an amazing country with great food”, while he praised Estonia for “the European charm of the Old World of the Scandinavian countries” at a low price.

But the tourist destinations that have a worldwide reputation as resorts for the rich and paradise beaches from this professional tourist got. “Bora Bora is the most overrated place I have visited,” said the Dane. According to him, prices there are two or three times higher than in the Maldives, but especially the countries do not differ. Is that the service – and for the worse. Also, the tourist was not pleased with the Sal Islands in Cape Verde. “It’s just a mass middle-class tourist destination. And there is not a very pleasant atmosphere,” the tourist assured.

He also named the place with the friendliest people – this country turned out to be Iran. And also the place with the best food in the world. According to the tourist, his assessment will not come as a surprise – this is Italy, where you can eat “an amazing meal for five euros.” He also praised food in South Africa.

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