A war has begun against Turkey: the authorities accused Western countries of sabotage against tourists

The war started against Turkey: the authorities accused Western countries of sabotage against tourists

“A new psychological war is being waged against us,” Turkish Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu made such a loud statement, commenting on the massive warning from European countries to their tourists about the danger of terrorist attacks in Turkey and the closure of their consulates. His statement is quoted by the Turkish newspaper Aydinlik, and in it, a high-ranking Turkish official speaks very unequivocally and harshly about the “destabilizing” policy of the “collective West”, its cooperation with terrorists, as well as the role of the success of Turkish tourism in all this.

Commenting on the decision of England, France and Germany, as well as the Netherlands to close their consulates in Turkey at a meeting at the General Command of the Turkish Gendarmerie in Beshtepe, the Turkish Minister of the Interior, according to the publication, voiced another reason for the latest international scandal, not alien to tourism. According to him, the “heinous attacks on the Koran in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands”, after which Western countries made statements about the danger of Turkey to their tourists, surprisingly followed after Turkey announced a goal for 2023 of 60 million tourists, reporting on achieved a result of 51.5 million tourists and $46 billion in tourism revenue for 2022.

“A psychological war is being waged against Turkey and Turkish tourism,” the Interior Minister stressed. Moreover, further, Mr. Suleiman Soylu voiced almost a “spy detective”. According to him, it was revealed that “an intelligence officer from another country offered work to several people who were considered Turkish members of ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). “The Republic of Turkey followed this moment, several trips were made with those whom they offered to recruit, and then this intelligence agent left Turkey. When this intelligence officer did not receive any results, he sold this information to the country that first raised the alarm about possible terrorist attacks,” Mr. Soylu said. Recall that among the first warnings published by the United States, Germany and other European countries. The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also said that additional information on this case may appear at any time. “In Turkey, they know exactly who this intelligence officer is. In this case, 15 people were detained and 5 are under arrest. In other words, the ambassadors who issued this warning know that there may be a terrorist attack in Turkey, and they also know that the “right person” is in a Turkish prison and they could not release him,” he said. It was after this embassy that they began this operation of psychological warfare, the head of the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs announced.

Further statements by Mr. Soylu are just as unambiguous – he literally accused the West, and primarily the United States, of “feeding” terrorist organizations that threaten Turkey – from the PKK to ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). “They are not ready to abandon their plans to create a terrorist state from Iraq to southern Turkey. But this requires two conditions. The first is to achieve complete dominance in the region, and for this the second is necessary – to destabilize Turkey, which can interfere with the creation of this state,” the head of the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

“We know who is behind the attack on Istiklal Street, just as we know who is behind the attack on the police building in Hattai. All this is part of a single plan,” Mr. Soylu also said, adding a rather loud reference to the fact that this is all “part of a grandiose plan” that Western countries “could not implement back in 1923.” Recall that this is the year the modern Turkey, i.e. the Turkish Republic, and it was created after the Lausanne Peace Treaty, which was signed by Germany and France.

“America and the West do not want Turkey to be free and independent. Do you think we do not know which of you is behind the attack on Istiklal Street, which of you asked – I wonder if he made it our weapon? The big question is whether such statements will help tourism flourish …

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