A warning has been issued for tourists: Thailand does not recommend bringing a number of things with you on vacation

A warning has been issued for tourists: Thailand does not recommend bringing a number of things with you on vacation

To protect tourists from large fines and problems with the police, a special notice was issued in Thailand. Tourists were warned in it that it is highly recommended not to take a number of things with you on vacation. We are talking about electronic cigarettes and hookahs, as well as mixtures and liquids for them. All these things are currently prohibited by law in Thailand, the Tourism Authority of Thailand reminded tourists.

“The Thai government is reminding tourists of the country's anti-smoking laws,” the TAT said in a statement. First of all, tourists should know that electronic cigarettes and hookah were banned back in 2014, and any equipment related to them, including mixtures and liquids, is also prohibited. In Thailand, they are sure that all this harms health as much as regular cigarettes, while the new “gadget” can also encourage young people to acquire a bad habit.

The reason that TAT decided to refresh this law in the memory of tourists was the recent scandals – when returning tourists who forgot Thai bans during the pandemic were subject to large fines. In particular, let us recall such a scandal with Chinese tourists – the law enforcement officers “soldered” them a fine of 60 thousand baht (almost 130 thousand rubles) for wearing electronic cigarettes. As a result, tourists were “made a discount” by 50% and they paid only 30 thousand baht. (read more here).

By the way, regular cigarettes are not yet banned in Thailand, but the Tobacco Control Law in Thailand is very strict – and smokers risk an unpleasant meeting with the police for smoking in many public places. By the way, smoking is prohibited on most of the beaches, as well as at all tourist attractions, at airports, in parks and amusement parks, near children's playgrounds, etc.

By the way, a separate warning was announced in TAT and for the tourism business. Tour operators and travel agents were urged to remind about the ban on electronic cigarettes, and in general about the tough anti-smoking policy of the country.

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