A well-known TV presenter was outraged on social networks because of two fat fellow travelers on a plane who squeezed her

A well-known TV presenter was outraged on social networks because of two fat fellow travelers on the plane who pinched her

Foreign tourist and TV presenter Sydney Watson erupted into a social media outcry after being “sandwiched between two obese passengers” on an American Airlines flight. However, the carrier sided with the latter.

The journalist and Australian-American political commentator published a series of posts critical of overweight tourists who ruined her flight. On October 11, she posted the following: “Currently, I am literally sandwiched between two obese people on my flight. This is absolutely unacceptable. If fat people want to be fat, fine. But it's very different when I'm stuck between you with your hands touching my body for three hours.” Criticism against them was merciless. The woman did not calm down and began to argue that her fellow passengers needed seat belt extensions and that “they are too fat to be on the plane.”

The size of the passengers made her journey physically uncomfortable. She was outraged that her entire body was touched against her will, and she did not have room to use the armrests on either side of her.
At some point, the television personality realized that two large passengers on either side of she is actually traveling together and she asked one of them if they would like to switch places. To which he replied that everything is in order, they will fly as they landed initially. From these words, the woman had an “internal squeal”.

Despite her scathing remarks on social media, the tourist later said she didn't really care if her comments were “angry” about the fatness of her neighbors. The traveler then added that the flight attendants and all flight personnel were by her side, stating that they would give her a “free cocktail” if she asked. However, some commentators also sided with her. “If you're so fat that you can't fit in a seat, then buy two seats or fly first class. Or better yet, stop eating so much. Lose weight. Train. It seems pretty easy to do.” “Damn… not just obese, but obese with gravy and sweating on the breath. Lol, I have only had one such flight – from Sydney to Los Angeles – the worst flight of my life, ”they wrote.

However, carrier American Airlines did not agree with the passenger and instead sided with the overweight tourists. “Our passengers come in all shapes and sizes. We are sorry that you were uncomfortable during the flight, ”said representatives of American Airlines to the message of the TV presenter. “I was just sweating, I was touched without my consent, beaten in the face and deprived of my personal space for hours. That's all I got from flying with your airline,” she retorted.

As a result, American Airlines decided to conduct an internal investigation. Regarding the US carrier's overweight policy, the official website states: “If a customer requires an extra seat outside of one seat for safe travel, that too must be booked. We encourage customers to consider all seating needs when booking.” At the same time, it was explained that with this type of reservation, the passenger will receive two adjacent seats at the same price. If a traveler is offered a seat in a higher class of travel that provides more space, the passenger will be able to pay the fare difference.

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