Abkhazia's main summer resort almost sold out, but authorities warn of hundreds of scammers

The main resort of Abkhazia is almost sold out for the summer, but the authorities have warned about hundreds of scammers

the main resort of the country – Gagrah, 80-90% of hotel rooms have already been booked. This was reported by local tourism officials. The flip side of this high demand is hundreds of scammers that have appeared on the Internet offering fake housing, about which the country's authorities have warned tourists.

As Akhra Bganba, head of the Tourism Department of the Gagra district, Akhra Bganba, said in an interview with Sputnik-Abkhazia radio, up to 80-90% of the rooms have already been booked at the resort. At the same time, there are 78 large hotels in the Gagra region, as well as 169 relatively small facilities with 30-40 rooms each. There are more than 20 thousand places for tourists here.

As the official added, “because of the difficulties with the departure of Russian tourists to other countries for summer vacations,” demand for Abkhazia is expected to be high. Local authorities take care of the delivery of tourists – in particular, the project of launching Lastochka along the Sochi-Gagra route continues to be discussed, which will help tourists get to the resort, given the workload of the Abkhaz-Russian border in the summer season.

Second « acute” question is hundreds of scammers trying to deceive a tourist. Fake websites with offers of holidays in Abkhazia began to appear massively on the Internet, Oksana Tabagua, head of the information support and image policy department of the Ministry of Tourism, said. «Very often, tourists do not check the information provided by the official source – the Ministry of Tourism. I remind you that there is a register of accommodation facilities on the official website of the Ministry of Tourism. It contains the names of accommodation facilities, contacts, email addresses,” she explained. If the tourist did not find the accommodation in this register, he is strongly advised to call the round-the-clock hotline of the Ministry of Tourism 8 800-505-42-40, so as not to give his money to a scammer and not be left without rest.

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