African summer begins in Turkey: +45C in Antalya

African summer has begun in Turkey: already +45C in Antalya

to hotels. In fact, the real African summer began in the country, the air temperature significantly exceeded the seasonal norm.

In Antalya, the thermometers on the first day of October froze at +45°C. Because of the abnormal heat, the streets and the coast were empty, but the most courageous still rested on the beach, keeping in the shade of the trees and occasionally going out to sea to cool off. Humidity in the tourist city ranged from 2 to 15 percent. For comparison: last year on October 1, Antalya met tourists according to the season – +26°C.

“I did not feel this temperature when I was in the office. But I felt the heat right now, when I went outside. We said that winter has come, but, as we see, it’s too early to talk about it,” Haberler cited a comment from a local resident who caught the extreme Antalya heat.

It will be hot in the coastal region during the week, but not so as it was October 1st. On October 3, +30-31°C is expected in the afternoon, on the rest of the days the thermometer will stay at +27-28°C. At night – +23°C. Light rain is expected in the middle of the week. At the height of autumn in the main resort province of Turkey, the warm sea is still available to tourists. The water cools down slowly, so you can safely swim.

The resort authorities have warned senior tourists, children and people with chronic diseases to be careful about heat stroke, the likelihood of which remains this week for those who spend a lot of time spends on the beach without protection.

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